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PhD Marek Borowiński, a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz, is en expert within the field of colour communication. He runs his own consulting company whose mission is to prepare professional solutions for both business and individual clients. He specializes in the colour psychology. His passion is colour and its influence on people. Trainings and courses conducted by him are popular both in Poland and abroad.

A colour is the most important thing when it comes to interior designs. Its selection depends on a few factors, among other things, which direction of the world the room is situated. If, for example, the room is situated towards the north, it’s worth applying light and warm colours which will light up the interior. However, if the room is situated towards the south, we can use a bit darker colour since a great amount of illumination will light it up anyway. Definitely, I would recommend a colour to match the colour conception of the whole flat or house. Green in many different shades can be such a colour.

This colour can soothe emotions, calm down and relax. Its perception is always positive: it is naturally associated with the nature which has a healing effect, making a positive approach to the world. We look for green when we are hurt. It creates an atmosphere of laziness, peace and comfort, contributes to emotional balance and reduces tension. When applied within interiors, influences positively its residents. Green is a colour which originates from the nature, when we surround ourselves by it, we implement a feeling of harmony and peace. Green is ideal for interiors where we want to rest. We can use it in many different combinations, for example with other shades or colours which can be found close green upon the palette of colours. All shades of yellow or blue belong to this palette. When arranging the interior this way, we will become more confident it will have a harmonious impact. We can also select various accessories to the painted room, for example, yellow or orange fabrics, a bright carpet. Green is very often used as the main colour in worldwide trends for further seasons, is a favourite colour of fashion designers. Historically, it’s a symbol of life and fertility. Green used with ceremonial objects symbolized a joy in life. In medieval times it was a colour of doctors’ uniforms. Green is neutral, between warm and cold. Similarly to yellow, expands the interior optically, contributes to energetic and health balance. Due to its calming and relaxing properties, green colours should be used both in home interiors and company premises. Colours are necessary for life  in different proportions, they give us energy that we sometimes do not realize at all. We dream so that our homes are filled with peace, silence and harmony. We want them to be cocoons separating us from the outside world. Certainly, the green colour will allow us to obtain it.


PhD Marek Borowiński


Extract :

Green is a colour which originates from the nature when we surround ourselves by it, we implement a feeling of harmony and peace


Green matches perfectly interiors where we want to rest.



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