Seasonal trend measurement

The sun inspires as well as encourages us to get out of our homes and spend out time actively. Some of us will definitely take advantage of this double energy to make metamorphosis in our homes. PhD Marek Borowiński is going to tell us what the latest trends are.

Colour changes the space of each interior, helps to make interesting arrangements, either more modern or traditional ones. When selected properly within premises it will contribute to new energy for its occupants. Colour, painting and creating new spaces is a timeless pleasure.

Wild Orchid

Gentle, warm colour whose special value is unusual vibration of its shades. In its surroundings it makes us feel as if we were building an incredible universe of various values. This is the universe where everything is undefined and unanswered. The colour has some values originating from tantric Indian tradition which refers to our sensuality and success in this area of life. Applying this colour within interiors we can build positive affirmations enriching our senses. It’s an interesting colour to be combined with other colours from Sniezka Colours of the Nature collection, for example, Orange Orchard or Sunset, which provides an unforgettable effect.

Autumn Heath

Breath, space, these are the main attributes of this colour whose brightness and freshness encourage to paint again our space of life. Creating the interiors by this colour we enter the world of fantasy and dreams. Gentle blue shade makes us relax freely and calm us down when we spend time in its presence and all bad fears seem to be gone. Properties of this colour encourage us to be surrounded by it while creating our own world. But if we combine it with other colour e.g. Olive Tree, we will gain a far warmer colour interior of a slightly different vibration.

Desert Flower

It’s an elegant colour and very exclusive, associated with atmosphere of something special.

It creates interiors of unusual taste where elegant furniture is suitable. This colour gives us a feeling of safety, provides stability. In its surrounding we are eagerly opened to other people.

It has a positive effect on us by the power of peace in it. It’s one of the most interesting colours of the world and its shades are willingly accepted by us. This colour can also be combined with a palette of decent and saturated colours such as: Fragrant Cinnamon or Summer Remembrance. Exclusive fabrics will be perfect at the premises where the walls are painted by this colour, making the interior of an individual character.

Sand Castles

This is a colour of adventure and journey where passion is combined with looking at our inner ego. This colour similarly to Desert Flower combines stability and peace by its brown shades. When painting a room in this shade we will be able to create the interior – a cocoon which prevents us from the outside world. Thanks to such a warm and friendly room we will be able to set out on a journey towards our soul and meet our inner ego. I would add some soft accessories to the aforementioned arrangement, such as a warm carpet or a comfortable armchair, so that colour contemplation was a real challenge.

PhD Marek Borowiński


Trend designer, the author of many conceptions as far as decoration is concerned, an expert within the field of colour communication. He tracks down and predicts the latest colour trends in Poland and in the world. He has been preparing collections of colours of MAGNAT brand and Sniezka Colours of the Nature. He is a specialist within the subject of colour psychology. His passion is a colour as well as its influence on people. Trainings and courses conducted by him are hugely popular either in Poland or abroad.

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