White kitchen – always up-to-date!

White walls match every kitchen regardless of its lighting, size or interior design. White is the most common colour, which lights up and enlarges space optically. It’s a neutral background for the kitchen equipment in each colour and style. It’s always suitable, elegant and ever-lasting.

Biały kolor do kuchni

In modern designs, white walls are combined with the white of varnished kitchen cupboards, glass or stainless steel. Oftentimes, the minimalist style goes hand in hand with reserved and neutral colours. White colour of walls can perfectly match the shape of furniture and kitchen appliances.  In such interiors, design furniture and accessories come to the first plan, which appear to make the space more attractive, impart some taste and emphasize its character.

Kuchnia w kolorze białym - zawsze modna

In loft interiors, white walls soothe the severity of finishing materials, become a gentle contrast for grey concrete, bricks, raw wood or steel constructions. White walls match spacious and open loft interiors, enhance the space effect and introduce a great amount of light.  White carries calmness and nostalgia which can perfectly become a part of the interiors’ nature.

Kuchnia w lofcie.

In stylish kitchens, white colour tones down the decorative nature of equipment. Thanks to that, it becomes more up-to-date and subtle. White contributes to the fact that the light plays a crucial role in the arrangement, emphasizing ornamental shapes and details. As a result of these properties, despite seemingly cool colours, the interior remains cosy and warm.

Biała kuchnia

White plays an exceptional role in the kitchen where very little space can be found, in kitchenettes or attics. It’s a colour which reflects light and therefore enlarges the space optically, by eliminating so called effect of ‘box’, or overwhelming effect.

Biała kuchnia na poddaszu

White highlights the beauty of wood. Both in rustic interiors, where the beauty of domestic wood species is emphasized, and in those kitchens where exotic wood predominates. White colour is a perfect partner for wooden cupboards, benchtops and furniture.

Biały kolor ścian w kuchni

White colour often unfairly regarded as dull and uninteresting, reappears successfully in kitchen arrangements. Against all appearances, it conveys a large dose of emotions and associations. It’s a colour of purity, innocence and balance. In interior designs, it is a bridge between tradition and modernity. It can match interiors of various nature, size and style. It can be combined with natural materials as well as laminates, plastic or colourful varnishes. Many times it is a key to success, since no other colour or shade can be satisfactory.



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