Decorate your environment! Live in colour!

Painting is the easiest way to make a difference in your environment. Introducing new colours to a house interior allows you to give your rooms a unique climate. Before we reach for a paint roller and begin the wall decoration, it is worth to learn how to renew your home space. It is best to do the painting in good weather which will speed up paint drying. You can also invite friends to help you with interior decoration so that things will go smother. Vibrant colors and music in the background make your work turn to an unforgettable fun. Below we show how to in three simple steps paint walls so that end result can delight everybody.

First step: wall preparation

Prior to painting you should  assess the condition of substrate and prepare the surface which you plan to decorate. If there are stains at home after water streaking, soot, nicotine or grease, then apply Śnieżka Zacieki Plamy paint which will cover  them and protect against fungus growth. Any minor losses such as  screw holes and cracks should be polished and then filled with Acryl PUTZ® LT 22 LIGHT repair compound. Ready to use mass makes it easier and quicker to  prepare walls. Preferably apply it using a trowel or  stainless steel float. If the wall requires more renovation, it is necessary to clean the ground and prime with  proper ground primer. Then in the case of larger unevenness, apply  Acryl PUTZ® ST10 START putty . For surfaces   where only minor corrections are necessary,  Acryl PUTZ® FS20 RACE putty  can be applied.

Second step: preparation for colour changes

The most important is colour  because it will transform the look of your room. If you are not convinced what shade to select, there are  among others:  brochures, colour palettes, test  probes, testers as well as many other innovative tools  such as virtual design wizards.


Przygotowanie podłoza do malowania

Before painting you should prepare place of  work. Unwanted spots of paint are burdensome to wash, so it is a  good idea to prevent them. Also remove  all unnecessary items from walls – TV sets, lamps or paintings. Permanently attached cables, power supplies and decorations must be protected with foil  and sealed with tape. It is also necessary to protect the floor. Tools  which we need for painting are as follows: a roller, painting pole, painting cuvette and brush . - While selecting a roller you should follow the rule which says: the smoother ground, the shorter roller fleece - preferably of the length from 9 to 16 mm.  Remember to wet a roller with water  before using it and then centrifuge, which should provide optimal paint absorption - advises Krzysztof Kędzior, Chief Application and Training Specialist at Paints and Varnishes Factory Śnieżka SA.

jak okleić pomieszczenie przed malowaniem

By using a painting cuvette painting you can  evenly put  product on the roller. In order to maintain  container clean, it is worth wrapping it with foil. After finishing work, you will be able to simply discard it. Then the only thing to do is to prime walls. It is  best to coat them with high-quality priming emulsion, e.g. Śnieżka Grunt which levels out  differences in texture and ground colour, aligning its absorption and increasing the efficiency of topcoats.

Step three: colour revolution

You have already chosen a colour and now you hold the painting tool in the palm of your hand. You are just a few roller flicks  away from changing your interior. Start paint application from the top, that is from the ceiling. Then cover hard-to-reach places : around the windows, heaters, doors and corners. For such surfaces the most convenient   will be  a small paint brush or mini roller. Before attempting to paint walls, it is necessary to separate them from the ceiling with tape . In the case of larger planes, apply paint from the window to the interior of a room according to the direction of incidence of the light. Movements should be parallel, and indoor painting belts must overlap each other. When the first layer is dry, we can paint for the second time. However, this time in the opposite direction , so  that we will cover any streaks.

Jak malować ściany

It should also be pointed out that the paint application technique should follow the wet on wet  rule. Take the paint  liberally and evenly spread it across the wall in the direction  top down, and then right  left - so we get  a uniform structure. -  To achieve the best end result, strip off the painting tape  fifteen minutes after painting, which allows you to obtain a straight  line without  the effect of  scorch – advises the expert. To get the most of painting it is advisable to use high-quality paint products with a high opacity force  and  resistance to scrubbing. Emulsion latex paints Śnieżka Barwy Natury  are characterised by high performance and  colour durability. They  also allow to "breathe walls".  With Teflon® surface protector technology the coated surfaces are characterised by lower dirt particles attracting and dirt is less able to permanently bond with the substrate.

jak malować ściany

Following the above guidelines will facilitate and accelerate painting. Refurbished walls will give your house a new nature and recharge your rooms with  colour freshness. Skills acquired in this way  can be used to give your friends a heping hand with colour metamorphosis of their houses. After completed work you deserve , however, a relax with a refreshing  cool drink cup. Then you  will be able to admire in peace and quiet the end result of your work.


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