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Śnieżka Acryl-PUTZ® products - the only putties on the Polish market with certificate of Polish Standard

23 January 2015
Śnieżka Acryl-PUTZ® products - the only putties on the Polish market with certificate of Polish Standard
Perfect wall and ceiling finish allows to achieve lasting, smooth and aesthetic surface. The end result is achieved by applying quality products. Śnieżka Acryl-PUTZ® putties, as the only ones on the Polish market, bear certificate of Polish Standard confirming their superior quality and outstanding performance parameters.

Two Śnieżka ACRYL-PUTZ®  branded  products  ACRYL-PUTZ® ST10 START putty (compliance with PN- EN 13279-1:2009) and ACRYL-PUTZ® FS20 FINISZ finishing putty  (compliance with PN- EN 15824:2010) were awarded with certificates of compliance granted by the Polish Committee for Standardisation  .  During  extensive testing prior to certificates granting the highest performance parameters  of both products have been confirmed - including  bending  strength, compressive strength and suitable setting  time. A reliable document of compliance with Polish Standard strongly distinguishes  the product from others  available  on the market. This is for consumers a strong sign of its high quality and a reliable determination  which is not only a statement by the manufacturer, but also a guarantee given by independent institution.

ACRYL-PUTZ® ST10 START putty  is a modern product type 2 in 1 (start + finish) which can be used as a cover layer  without the need  to apply  ready-to-use putty . The product does not show any shrinkage, dries in a short time, does not crack even with thick layers (up to 3 cm - with single defects) and is  easy to sand. It allows application method "wet on wet", which significantly reduces the time of work. The product leaves durable surface of perfectly white finish.

Acryl Putz ST 10 Start - gładź szpachlowaGładzie Acryl Putz z certyfikatem Polskiej Normy

ACRYL-PUTZ® FS20 FINISZ finishing putty  is the highest quality, ready-to-use product recommended for final surface smoothing of walls and ceilings. Polymer formula of the product improves its strength parameters  and ensures perfect adhesion to the substrate. During application the putty keeps its solid consistency, so that it can be used for a long period of time. It is easy to sand and leaves snow white, perfectly smooth  surface.

Acryl Putz FS 20 - gotowa gładź szpachlowaGładz szpachlowa fs 20 z certyfikatem polskiej normy