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Sniezka Satynowa

Satin paint for interiors

  • does not splatter during painting
  • easy application and excellent coverage
  • efficiency: to 14 m²/L with one painting only
  • 5 times higher resistance to wet scrubbing compared to latex paints classified as resistant to washing according to PN-C-81914*
  • Ecolabel certificate confirming that the product is safe for human life, environmentally friendly and meets the highest quality standards
  • certified by PKN to conform with PN-C 81914:2002 standard

Śnieżka SATIN is a paint for interior use, manufactured by taking advantage of innovative technology - Polumers Protection, as well as top quality resins and pigments.  As a result of this formula, it ensures incredibly durable coats, which allow to preserve an ideal look and colour of walls.  Due to subtle satin finishing, it’s recommended to be used on smooth and flat wall surfaces.  The paint has unique coatings, which are resistant to washing and scrubbing, hence removal of stains and dirt is almost effortless.  Its special features prevent the paint from splattering during painting and allow to apply the paint easily with excellent covering properties.

The paint is intended for decorative and protective painting of interior walls and ceilings made of cement, cement and lime, lime, gypsum plasters as well as cardboard gypsum panels, wooden and wood-based, wallpapers, including fibreglass ones.  Due to unique properties and durability, the paint is recommended to be used in areas particularly exposed to dirt such as, for example; passageways, corridors, private and office premises, living and dining rooms.

Surface preparation

  • the painting surface must be dry, solid, dust and grease free, depending on the kind of surface, it must be seasoned well (cement, cement and lime plasters – 4 weeks, gypsum plasters – 2 weeks),
  • layers of lime, glue colours, with poor adhesive properties of the old paint must be removed,
  • damp patches of water, nicotine, oil are to be painted by Sniezka ZACIEKI i PLAMY,
  • loose surfaces, with high absorptive properties and leaving traces on palms, must be primed by ACRYL-PUTZ®,
  • spots where fungus was found after removing the cause must be protected by VIDARON fungicide remover, roughness and cracks must be levelled by suitable putty mass ACRYL-PUTZ® and painted by base emulsion Sniezka Primer. Preparing the surface painstakingly will contribute to obtain the best final effect.

Product preparation

  • the paint must be stirred carefully before application,
  • the paint is to be applied onto the surface without thinner,
  • do not mix with other paints or lime,
  • when painting new and very absorptive surfaces it is allowed to thin the paint by fresh water of maximum 10%,


  • the paint is to be applied by roller, paintbrush or hydrodynamic spraying 1- 2 layers (surfaces which are not coated with base paint – 2 layers) at 2-4 hour intervals,
  • the final effect is to be assessed after the second layer of paint has been dried completely,
  • painting works are to be carried out at air and surface temperature from +10ºC to +30ºC,
  • wallpapers made of glass fibre are to be painted by paint directly or it is necessary to follow other manufacturer’s recommendations,
  • after the painting works have been completed it is necessary to wash the tools by water.


  • suitable surface preparation, use of recommended tools and painting methods contribute to obtaining proper – declared paint efficiency,
  • paint coating obtains its full durable properties (scrubbing/washing) after 28 days since the day of painting works were completed,
  • during painting works and after their completion the premises are to be ventilated until the smell varnishes,

Special features

additional information

Efficiency:to 14 m²/l with one layer only
Container:2.5L; 5L: white 9L
Number of layers:1-2
Application method:paintbrush, roller, spraying
Coat finish:satin
Available colours:60 colours + white
Warranty period:expiry date and batch number: on the container