Dostępny asortyment oraz aktualności mogą różnić się w zależności od kraju. Dlatego wybór języka powiązany jest krajem pobytu przy wyborze strony producenta.

Jeśli wybieresz przeglądanie w języku polskim a przebywasz na terenie Rosji - asortyment podany na stronie może różnić się od dostępnego.

Recruitment process


We are the leader of paints and varnishes in Poland. In our relations our priority is loyalty, reliability and partnership. We are driven by the similar principles in relations with our employees who are offered attractive employment conditions and big opportunities of professional development. Creativity and teamwork are crucial to us. We make every effort to obey the ethical standards.

Human Resources Department is responsible for planning and coordination of recruitment as well as process management of employees’ development in the whole company. Our employees are offered various internal and external trainings, language courses and financing for postgraduate studies. We believe that the fastest and most effective way of learning at work is taking up new challenges. Thus, we pay extra attention to professional development of our employees by giving them freedom in making independent decisions as well as participation in numerous projects where they can exchange their experiences.