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About the company

The Śnieżka Group has over 1,000 employees. The Group’s plants located in Poland, Ukraine and Belarus manufacture approximately 140 million liters of various construction chemical products annually, for the domestic and foreign markets. Śnieżka is the leader of the paints and varnishes market in Poland  and Ukraine, as well as the leader of the putties market in Belarus (own estimates, 2017).

The brand stands out for its 30-year long experience in the production of paints and varnishes. The Parent Company’s roots are in the Podkarpacie region, where the main plants of the Group and a state-of-the-art Research & Development Center are located.

What distinghues us?


Through the work of highly-qualified employees and cooperation with reputable international raw material suppliers, the Group develops innovative solutions, guaranteeing the top quality of its products. By keeping track of global interior design trends and cooperating with recognized Polish designers and architects, the Group is able to offer top quality products with a broad choice of colors, providing inspiration for customers in a few dozen export countries. Śnieżka conducts continuous research and development activity to improve its market offering, which is facilitated among others by its own specialized research lab. The lab was accredited by the Polish Accreditation Center in 2007, thus becoming the only entity of this kind in the industry.

Śnieżka also operates on the basis of clearly defined values and for over a dozen of years now has been committed to supporting the society at large through its CSR programs and projects as well as the “Twoja Szansa” (“Your Chance”) Śnieżka Foundation.

The Group consists of the Parent Company (Fabryka Farb i Lakierów Śnieżka SA with its registered office in Warsaw, Poland)  and its subsidiary companies.


Our Capital Group

Capital group




The Śnieżka Group is formed by companies operating in concert and connected by ownership and production links. Comprehensive organization and responsible management of resources and procurement translates into efficient operation of the Group and higher profits for Shareholders. The cooperation involves mutually complementary activities, exchange of know-how and synergistic benefits. Fabryka Farb i Lakierów Śnieżka SA, which is the Parent Company, has the leading role in these processes. The Company creates and coordinates key solutions in all aspects of the Group’s operation. Each member company enjoys decision-making autonomy, as long as the decisions are consistent with the Group’s strategy and the subsidiaries’ key functions cooperate closely with their counterparts in the Parent Company.

Main strategic goals, mission and values

The strategic goals of the Śnieżka Group are focused on expanding its operations to new European and non-European markets, while maintaining the leading position on the Eastern markets, with Poland being the key market. The Group intends to achieve this objective by focusing on selected countries of the Central and Eastern Europe and the Western Europe and building a leading position in those countries. For the Group, the assessment of the above mentioned markets as prospective is the basis for the development a long-term presence strategy for those regions. The strategy of the Śnieżka Group assumes that those goals will be realized while taking into account the following assumptions:

maintaining the image of an attractive and reliable partner for both suppliers and customers of the Group, competing through innovation and flexibility defined among others as development of R&D, building quality advantage and significant openness to change;

developing multi-channel sales, including focus on in-depth customer segmentation and on the development of a competitive value offering for the customers;

competing through competence: promoting employee growth and building the high value of human capital.

The Group intends to improve its market potential by acquiring new selling markets and continuing to develop the offering under Śnieżka, Magnat, Vidaron, Foveo-Tech and Beston brands. Within the framework of its development strategy, the Group is interested in organic growth but also growth through equity investments. The management board of the parent company has set it as a goal to build strong and permanent relations with its trading partners, employees, shareholders as well as consumers. The Group will continue to support its trading partners, distributors and retailers in terms of information, marketing and training, by developing for them a competitive value offering.

Sustainable growth consistent with the adopted strategy should allow the Group to achieve the leading position on its key markets.

Organizational values

The Parent Company developed a list of the Company’s Organizational Values with input from its entire Team. The Values are an inseparable element of developing the high engagement culture in the Company and an important tool supporting the effective attainment of its strategic objectives. The organizational values of FFiL Śnieżka SA constitute its DNA, and set the rules for its operations and the foundations for behavior at all levels of the organization, while supporting the achievement of ambitious business goals. The organizational values are implemented at the Group companies.

At the Parent Company, the organizational values constitute a document which strictly set out the manner of task performance by all employees regardless of their position. The contents of the Book of Organizational Values, directly upon formulation, served as the basis of workshops conducted in all of the Company divisions. Specific conducts to be adopted, indicating in what way should the values be complied with at various units of the organization, at specific positions, were described as part of these activities. Such guidance is also used as supporting documentation at the time of regular employee evaluation. The employee respect for the specific values, with reference to both internal and external stakeholders, is the core element of such assessment.




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