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About the company

"Śnieżka" Paints and Varnishes Plant S.A. is currently number two in the industry in Poland, both in terms of quantity and value. The Company achieved such a high position in the market in a period of only 20 years - the Company started  in 1984. The plant employed then - together with its owners - only a small number of people.

Today "Śnieżka" is a modern plant employing more than 600 people and producing approximately 90 million litres yearly of a variety of chemical products used in the construction industry in the domestic market and foreign markets.

The long-term development strategy of "Śnieżka" assumes a leading position in the market of paints and varnishes in Central-Eastern Europe. To achieve this the Company is planning to strengthen further its position in current markets and to enter and develop in new sectors. These activities are aimed at strengthening the positive image of the Company and consequently further continued growth in the value of "Śnieżka" for its Shareholders.

The Company will continue its strategy of providing its Customers with products of high quality, taking into account changing market conditions and Customer preferences. As a manufacturer of popular brands gradually increasing their market share, "Śnieżka" is widely available and meets the needs of a wide range of recipients.

ŚNIEŻKA Paints and Varnishes Plant Joint-Stock Company concentrates its activity in the area of emulsion paints (thinned with water),oil and phthalic paints (solvent paints),and putty substances. The Company offers a wide range of high quality paints and varnishes, at the same time providing its Customers with assistance in the implementation and application of its products.

Approximately 150 businesses operate in the paints and varnishes industry in Poland, however a vast majority are manufacturers of low sales output and operate locally. Only about 20 have a recognizable market position. "Śnieżka" is placed second in the Polish market.  

It is estimated that the Company has a 28% share in the Polish market of emulsion products in terms of quantity which gives it the leading position in this market segment, equal with Polifarb Cieszyn-Wrocław.

The main market on which the Company places its products is the Polish market. The Company has the strongest position in southern and central parts of the country which results from historical and geographical conditions. However, in the development strategy consistently undertaken by Śnieżka, including the development of a distribution network, cooperation with cross-regional wholesalers and chains of wholesalers, the Company is strengthening its position in all important economic centres across Poland. In the coming years the Company is going to redress the balance of its presence in particular local markets.

The Company mainly provides its products to the individual purchasers market. A much smaller number of products goes to industrial customers. In both cases, distribution takes place through indirect distribution channels (wholesalers, sub-wholesalers, plant warehouses, trading chains, and retail outlets). Particular distribution levels can service the same target groups, however businesses and institutions make purchases mainly in wholesales and sub-wholesales where the widest range of the Company products is offered.

The Company strategy is to successively acquire new sales markets. Currently, the Company exports its products mainly to East European countries (Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania, Russia, Moldavia). The Company forecasts a further growth of its presence on current markets and extending sales markets to other countries.