A decorated wall

There are many various ways to refresh interiors. New furniture, colours and accessories – they altogether help to create a new space. We advise to start with the walls. Let’s check how simple this is and decorate the walls for the summer!

The only thing we need is a bit of free time and willingness of change. On the market we can find many finishing materials which will help us obtain sophisticated patterns and textures. Techniques to use them are very simple, however, they require a skilful hand and decisive movements.

A wall decoration is the simplest and very effective way to refresh our interiors. Moreover, it does not require a construction company’s support. We have presented only few techniques which can be used in your house. More information can be found at www.magnatfarby.pl

How to make texture on our walls

It’s a technique which allows to apply gypsum plaster on the wall and next impress many different patterns on it. When it is still wet, we impress a trowel, move a roller in different directions or impress stamps or patterns. We can also put various objects into the wet plaster – such as shells or pottery elements. Finally, the wall is painted.

Tip: when choosing a texture on the wall, select only one technique, e.g. stamp imprint. Too many decorative elements may overwhelm, instead of decorate the interior.

Wiping technique

This method allows to obtain a multicolour wall. It is performed by making paint layers: first we apply one colour onto the wall, when it dries up, we apply another one. The second layer is applied slowly, wiping the surface by a wet cloth or a sponge. When the layer is dry enough, we wipe it again. This way the background will be visible from under the outer layer.

Tip: choose a colour wisely so as to prevent from making a grey mass – it will look very elegantly when only one layer of MAGNAT Style Metallico is applied.

Intonaco - Sirocco

Decoration which resembles sandstone. We begin our work with applying Latex Prime Paint MAGNAT Style and wait around 2 hours until it dries up. Next, by a paintbrush, we apply one layer of  Intonaco –  Magnat Style base on the surface of around 1 square meter and by Venice smoothening trowel Magnat Style we form a shape. We leave it to dry up for 2-4 hours. By a small paintbrush we apply alternately directly from the container colouring pigments and wipe them in different directions by Venice smoothening trowel.

Tip: in order to provide additional protection of the decoration, we can apply the whole decoration by a colourless Rustic Varnish Magnat Style.

Wood grains

Thanks to special stamp for grains we can decorate old wood panelling or a wall.  An interesting effect can be obtained when combining this natural pattern with Metallico MAGNAT Style paint. After applying a primer, we paint the surface by MAGNAT Emulsion S45 Kawowy Onyks and leave it until it dries up. Next, by a roller, we apply onto parts of the wall a decorative paint Metallico srebro MAGNAT Style and wipe towards one direction a stamp for making grains.

Tip: impress the stamp precisely so as not to make blank spaces between patterns, which look unnatural and damage the effect of real wood.


Pattern allows us to make one motif in many places on the wall. On the market there are many available interesting patterns, but if we want to have our own effect on the wall, we can make a pattern ourselves. You can draw a favourite motif onto the thick cardboard box, cut it out precisely, stick it against the wall and fill in with the paint. You must press the cardboard box firmly against the wall so that the paint does not splatter over the edges and use a paintbrush with small amount of paint.

Tip: if we make a pattern ourselves, avoid too many details and tiny elements. It will be very difficult to cut them out and even more difficult to copy them on the wall.


Stickers are the simplest way to decorate a wall. They can be made of foil or velour. The first ones can be washed since they are waterproof – they can be used both in the kitchen and the bathroom. Velour stickers, e.g. MAGNAT, they have a velvet texture and look perfectly in the living room, for example – thicker material seems to be more spacious than self-adhesive foil. In order to decorate the wall with a sticker, it’s necessary to remove a protective layer and place the decoration in accordance with planned arrangement, putting it gently against the wall. After receiving a desirable effect, it’s necessary to press each element to the surface.

Tip: try to stick the sticker precisely so as not to damage it. Multiple ungluing may result in contamination and deteriorate the adhesiveness properties.

Photo wallpaper

It’s a very effective solution which additionally, expands the premises optically. If we don’t find a suitable pattern in the store, which would be perfect for our conception, we can print our own photo. Photo wallpapers are applied onto walls by using wallpaper glue (there are also available self-adhesive photo wallpapers). They are made of specially reinforced paper or vinyl. They can be printed on the foil or laminated. Due to the size of the photo wallpaper, objects and characters in it make a surrealist climate.

Tip: photo wallpaper is usually printed in stripes of 1m width. Stripes must be joined together – it must be carried out very carefully since even small shift will be noticeable.


Kiss My Wall

For connoisseurs of art we recommend a decoration made by the most brilliant Polish artists of the young generation. They offer an illustrative arrangement of the space upon order, murals, wallpapers, vinyl stickers and limited graphics in different formats. Kiss My Wall is created by: Tymek Jezierski, Agata „Endo” Nowicka, Tobiasz Konieczny, Agata Dudek, Olek Modzelewski, Marcelina Jarnuszkiewicz, Ola Niepsuj and Ania Goszczyńska.




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