5 Steps of Living Room Arrangement - Inspirations

Modern living rooms seem to be spatial even if their area is not too large. It's all a matter of relevant furniture composition, colors, lighting, fabrics and extras.

1. Furniture

In a modern living room furniture has its aesthetic, functional and spatial justification. While designing sets of furniture it should be kept in mind that the less of them the better  and each object should be of corresponding size and function to its intended place of destination. It is a minimalist style that imposes on us the rules for the selection and appearance of the objects. Selecting furniture we are always reaching for low chests of drawers, pouffes and coffee tables as well as sofas with lower backrests so that the space seemes to be as great as possible at the level our eyes.

nowoczesne meble w salonie

Furniture of simple and cubic shapes is raised on the thin straight legs, which gives them  lightness and elegance. The need to organize objects  of everyday use while at the same time minimalistc space arrangement has allowed us to return to historical wall units. Contemporary form of wall unit is nothing like old designs. Today it is a lightweight modular furniture, individually fitted to the interior and melting into its space.

salon w kolorze beżowym

2. Color scheme

Plays a key role in a modern living room. Just because of bright and illumined colors, rooms appear to be larger and more spacious.

salon w kolorze błękitnym

Do not overdo with the number of colors  inside. In modern living rooms  cool beiges, whites and grays look the best. Intense colors appear in the company of delicate, cool and neutral colors. Strong colors make more  color accent and the background  for very bright, often white furniture rather than  decide on the nature of interior.


jadalnia w kolorze niebieskim

3. Light

Light in the room has a very important role to play, as this will affect our perception of color and space. The more light, the greater feeling of space multiplied by the use of bright colors. Small dark lounges or their darker corners should be artificially lit  using modern lamps, wall lights, cornices backlit with led strips or even the designer light bulbs.

nowoczesny salon

4. Fabrics

Fabrics in a modern living room look natural. Here also what really matters is minimalism. Draperies, garlands and fringes are not in a good tone.  Fabrics do not have patterns and they demonstrate their decorative nature in color or texture. An exception is graphics printing, which appears on the cushions or upholstered furniture. Here the cool and bright colors are applicable and grays, beiges as well as  whites prevail .

Tkaniny we wnętrzu

5. Accessories

In a modern living room not only furniture but also accessories have their clearly defined place. Space seems to be premeditated down to the last detail and intricately constructed. Here there is no place for coincidence and improvisation. Accessories complement the interior, are its integral part  and even though they do not occur in large quantities they are tasteful and sometimes add character to interior warming up its cool minimalist atmosphere.

Dodatki we wnętrzu

Solid foundation of a design for a modern living room  is minimalistc space and simplicity of forms. These features are indication of contemporary style and trends in interior design.

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