How to decrease costs of wall painting? 5 tips which allow us to reduce painting costs

Wall painting is the simplest and quickest way to change the interior design. What can we do to make it also less painful for our wallet? We are providing a few simple tips below that will allow us to diminish painting costs significantly.

Tip no. 1

Do it on your own

Contrary to what one may expect, painting is not a difficult activity at all, and almost everyone can do it independently without hiring any renovation experts. Even if we are to carry out this operation for the first time, there is a high probability that by sticking to some useful hints we can achieve success.


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A few tips:

- plan your work with a precise action schedule, measure the size of walls and ceilings, think about necessary tools, select a colour and consider the work stages.

- before going shopping, make a careful list of indispensable tools (selection of suitable colour and tools is a key factor) KEY

- while doing shopping read the labels on the containers, and if necessary ask shop assistants for help.

- all interior elements such as light switches, lamps, sockets ought to be disassembled or protected carefully by using a drop cloth

- remember to begin painting works with the ceiling (not the other way round!) It’s incredibly important to protect all the elements (door and window frames, skirting boards etc),within the area to obtain the desirable final effect. Do it precisely.

- while painting do not make long breaks, before commencing work check if the conditions in the area (temperature, humidity) comply with the paint manufacturer’s recommendations.

- take off the masking tapes when the paint is still wet.

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Tip no.2

A suitable and efficient paint with good covering properties.

Everyone is familiar with this phrase ‘the less you spend the more you spend’? In the event of selection a good paint for interiors, this expression materializes quite frequently. The cheapest paints have very poor properties, to the extent that pure water has better ones… A suitable paint is a prerequisite for success. Even if all activities before paint application were carried out in accordance with construction practices, but a very poor quality paint was used, we are doomed to fail and repeat our work from the very beginning. A very good price – performance ratio can guarantee that we can conduct the whole renovation at a reasonable price

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A good paint does not only stand for excellent efficiency and covering properties, but also resistance to absorbance of stains and contaminations as well as resistance to washing and scrubbing. Such investment can be returned many times! Whenever any contamination appears on the wall.

Tip no. 3

Priming walls before painting

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Thanks to a primer, absorptiveness of walls is decreased and adhesive properties are enhanced. By using a primer (which is significantly cheaper than a paint) we can use smaller amount of paint, since it covers uniformly the primed surfaces easily and efficiently.  Dowiedz się więcej o gruncie - kliknij tutaj...


Tip no. 4

Colour change by taking advantage of a cheap emulsion paint.

The most challenging situations occur when we are willing to change a colour to a completely new one, i.e. a dark wall needs to be painted into light or the other way round. As a primer we can use a paint close to the shade, however, of poorer quality. A very thin coat of this paint (we apply a pigment close to the one we want to obtain finally) contributes to quick and precise cover of the wall surface by the final product and provides an ideal look.

Tip no. 5

A selection of relevant tools and painting techniques.

The cheapest painting method, as far as paint efficiency is concerned, is a spraying method, however, it’s cost-effective in the event of large surfaces. Within residential interiors the best option is to use a paintbrush or a roller. They are affordable and easy-to-use painting tools. The smoother the wall surface and shorter the roller’s hair, the less paint we use. It’s advised to adjust the tool parameters to the paint and substrate type, rather than take a risk associated with paint diluting, which is a quite frequent practice. Consequently, these methods result in the final effect that too diluted paint has poor covering properties or changes the shade, and to obtain the desirable effect we have to paint the wall a few times, and sometimes go to the store again.

While painting several times, it’s recommended not to wash the tools but put them in a plastic bag to prevent from drying. This simple activity allows us to save time and paint. When the wall dries out, all we need is to unpack the roller (paintbrush, tray) and proceed with painting activities.


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Cheap painting does not necessarily mean using the cheapest paints and tools, it’s rather cost optimization, by taking advantage of top-quality materials.


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