How to paint a heater? Safe and durable solution.

Old, yellowish and damaged heaters can spoil the decorative effect of each interior. Sometimes it happens, that a device is operating smoothly and does not need to be replaced, but its appearance needs to be refreshed. Painting radiators is not difficult, but requires ground preparation and appropriate materials.

Before painting  you should carefully prepare the surface  which is to be renewed. It is best to do this in summer when the heater is cold or switch off the device and wait a few hours to allow it to cool down. The maximum permissible temperature of the painted surface must not exceed +30 degrees Celsius, because then  the paint dries too quickly  and will not be durable.

Malowanie kaloryfera

The heater should also be dry, dust free and degreased with detergent and water. Old peeling coatings and rusted elements must be removed using a wire brush and abrasive paper. Copper elements and installations should be wiped with steel wool to remove dirt and patina . So  prepared surface can be painted.

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Farba do kaloryferówOn starting  an appropriate work the paint should be thoroughly stirred. Radiator should be covered with 2 or 3 layers of enamels  while maintaining each time required time interval. To paint radiators we use paints designed specifically for this purpose. Good paint should work with metal substrates  the radiators are made of. It should also be resistant to high temperatures and do not get yellow under the influence of heat. It should also have have good adhesion to the ground and excellent  stress-breaking elasticity. The resulting paint coating should be durable and attractive. Śnieżka do kaloryferów - kliknij tutaj


We can cover heaters with a painting coat using a flat soft brush, a roller or by spray.

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farba do kaloryferów w sprayu

There are also varnishes in a spray bottle  designed specifically for painting radiators. Thanks to them we quickly  cover with paint  hard-to-reach places such as old heaters ribs and the heating installation elements  exposed to high temperatures (up to 80 degrees Celsius).This varnish dries quickly (about 30 minutes);  therefore refreshing proces of old and unaesthetic heater is simple and the resulting  coating is durable and attractive. Śnieżka Multispray do kaloryferów - kliknij tutaj

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