How to remove stains and damp patches from walls?

In order to get rid of stains and damp patches from walls we have to carry out certain estimation and elimination of reasons of their occurrence. If we deal only with top stains, resulting from wall contamination, the case seems to be quite simple to be solved, the only thing is to wash the surface with warm water or a small amount of detergent. Special agents for cleaning walls (soaps and painting fluids) can be perfect in the event of more difficult cases, where we have to clean pitch-like or greasy substances (soot, oils, nicotine smoke).

jak usunąc plamy ze ścian

If stains are a result of flood or constant water penetration or moisture condensation, it’s necessary to take more complex actions. First of all, it’s essential to remove the reasons of their occurrence and dry out the wall carefully. One-time flood stains can be cleaned and painted by applying a special paint for stains and damp patches.

Farba na zacieki i plamy

This paint perfectly isolates all stains and contaminations. Particularly, those heavy ones (greasy, pitch-like),has exceptionally good covering properties, and in the event of fungi and mould stains, prevents from their reoccurrence. It can be applied as a primer (isolating and strengthening the substrate) or a topcoat paint (decorative and protective).   kliknij tutaj...


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If, however, moisture is the reason for damp patches and not very aesthetic stains, we might expect a slightly more complex renovation, whose final effect will be dry, and protected against destruction, smooth walls. Oftentimes, it might involve insulation replacement, roof restoration or ventilation service. There might be various reasons for moisture penetration and each case must be examined and eliminated individually. Otherwise, even the most professional biocidal agents might contribute to temporary effect only.

czym usunąć zacieki ze ścian

Only an efficient way of removing reasons of occurrence of stains and damp patches as well as appropriate drying of surfaces can guarantee success of further actions. The aforementioned condition must be met, otherwise stains will reoccur.

4 efficient steps to get rid of stains:

1)Elimination of reasons of stains and damp patches

2)Cleaning walls by using water with a detergent or in the event of more difficult cases, more professional painting agents.

3)Painting out dark and exceptionally difficult stains by applying a paint for special purposes.

4)Painting out the surface by a topcoat paint

Elimination of extremely dark stains from walls is no to difficult nowadays.  Access to professional agents and high-quality topcoat paints facilitate this task significantly. A great deal more difficult stage is to estimate and eliminate the reasons of their occurrence.

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