The expert gives tips on how to select a suitable paint type for our walls

Nowadays, the market is abundant in a wide range of paints. Depending on our needs, we can choose from products less or more resistant to contaminations, the ones which not only decorate but also protect, and have even resistance to wet scrubbing.

The majority of paints for walls can be divided into three basic categories.


1)Ordinary paints with standard parameters.

They are latex or acrylic paints intended for painting most of interior walls and ceilings. The interiors where an average traffic occurs (rooms, bedrooms, studies) can be easily painted by these paints. They are washable, have excellent covering properties, do not splatter and are easy to apply.

Zielony salon


Śnieżka Barwy Natury

Undoubtedly, the advantage of these paints is a large selection of attractive colours. Not only are ready-to-use colours cheaper than those tinted, but also it is easier to lay them out within interiors, and the final effect is guaranteed. A palette of proposed shades is created on the basis of an expert’s know-how, and up-to-date inspiring catalogues as well as sample designs are available in stores. Thanks to them, almost all interiors can gain a new image. Więcej o produkcie - kliknij tutaj...

2) Paints with enhanced properties

They are paints whose formula contains substances which enhance coat resistance to contaminations and mechanical damages. These paints can be applied in areas where increased traffic occurs  (corridors, halls, children’s rooms).

Śnieżka Satynowa

The best quality resins and pigments make the product a uniquely resistant to contaminations and mechanical damages. The coat is not only resistant to stains but also all potential contaminations can be easily washed from it by wet scrubbing, without a risk of removing the coat or making the surface too bright.  Więcej o produkcie - kliknij tutaj...


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Additionally, the advantage of this product is its satin gloss. In small interiors the paint (particularly in light colours) boosts the effect of optical space enlargement, which in some situations is incredibly desirable. An interesting palette of colours attracts people looking for beautiful and exceptional solutions.

3) Paints for special purposes


farba do łazienki

They are products intended for special assignments. Śnieżka Kitchen – Bathroom for example, is intended for painting surfaces exposed to extreme influence of water vapour and water. Its role is to create a coat to prevent form excessive moisture, allow walls to breathe, and destroy large amounts of pathogenic moulds and fungi. Thanks to these paint properties the interiors of bathrooms, kitchens, pantries or garages can look excellently for many years without necessity to be specially treated.     Więcej o produkcie - kliknij tutaj...

The paints are also resistant to washing and scrubbing, and the unique and durable coat is often an alternative for ceramic tiles, stones or wallpapers.

Kolor do łazienki

A paint should be accommodated to the interior’s function. While selecting a paint intended for special interiors we can be guaranteed that our choice will be optimal. Paint manufacturers observe the market quite painstakingly as well as technological novelties and consumers’ needs, and their products are regularly adjusted to current trends of the developing society.


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