Trends in designing the living room in 2014.

Trends in the designing living rooms in 2014 will take inspiration from four elements of material world i.e. air, fire water and earth. Each of the elements will find inside the building its symbolic dimension and appearance of their expressions is a sign of human continuous pursuit to balance as well as desire of life in harmony with the surrounding world.


Projektowanie wnętrz - trendy

It is expressed in pursuit of the space. What is fashionable in this season is first and foremost a sense of space, freedom and lightness. The lounges are boosted with bright, luminous colors and even small spaces with appropriate decorative treatment  cheat the mind and seem to be greater than they are in reality. Open space, large interior windows and mirrors  as well as large amount of light are values that determine the directions of living room design in this season.

trendy w projektowaniu wnętrz

FIREtrendy w projektowani wnętrz

Energetic, beneficial accents in the interiors will be in the form of additives, patterns and light. Contrast for cool and moderate colors of interior and the need to ensure  balance will be provided by strong light or color points. A designer lamp, colorful armchair, a pattern or picture will create a counterweight for energy potential of interior space and gives a  boost of energy for those  staying in the house.

kominek w salonie


trendy w projektowaniu wnętrz

Cool and moderate colors will be present in living rooms. At home we want to relax, escape from bustling places, full of expression and accumulated energy. We want to rest and relax. Our lounges will reflect our aspirations. They will give us asylum and sense of security. Relax, silence and respite are feelings which we try to achieve and which we want to experience in the interiors of our home. Colors for our living room should be subtle gentle and diluted.

salon w kolorze morskim

Blues, turquoises, violets, greens and cool grays bring us solace. These are the most desirable shades of the season. We will combine them with pastel tones, beige shades  plus compulsory,  pervasive and still very fashionable white.


trendy w projektowaniu wnetrz

Earth gives  shelter protection and asylum. This will be reflected in the themes and  textures which we will use in the living room. Horizontal and low lines will still prevail, however light and gently raised above the ground. Sofas will be large but clear and light. The plane of furniture, carpets and sofas  will be seen from above. Textures inside will be smooth compact and stable.

 w kolorze brązowym

The desire to balance in today's reality means filling a shortage of silence, peace and consolation. That is what we are looking  for the interiors which are to bring  us respite. Design trends in 2014 will give the word to our desires in colors, forms of furniture and textures of materials which we will find in these interior arrangements for the forthcoming season.


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