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What would be the most suitable colour for our kitchen?

Colours play a crucial role in our kitchens. Not only do they create atmosphere within interiors but can also influence our appetite. In recent years white decorations have become popular both in stylish kitchens (English, Provencal) as well as modern ones (minimalist or loft). The second pole consists of kitchens in vivid colours, including black ones. How to select a suitable colour which would live up to our expectations as well as create interiors by us? Below we can find a few tips.

White kitchen. The kitchen in white colour will always be modern and universal. White is ideal when applied in small kitchens as well as those linked with living rooms. From the optical point of view it makes the room bigger, lights it up and is perfect background for colourful kitchen furniture or accessories.

Biała kuchnia

Grey kitchen. Grey walls make the kitchen look severe as far as perception is concerned. This colour is ideal for interiors of loft character. In order to make severe grey kitchens warmer, we can combine it with natural wood (cupboards, work surfaces). The obtained contrast becomes a universal set which can match various accessories in various colours. It’s a good and safe proposition for those who are not in favour of experimenting with interior décor

Kuchnia w kolorze szarym

Brown kitchen. Brown colours are very common in kitchens. This is an attractive colour, reminding us of sweet chocolate. In order to prevent the kitchen from being  too overwhelming, it’s worth combining it with light (white or cream) kitchen building or light floor. Light working surface also looks great against the light brown background. Such a kitchen constitutes a kind of negative of traditional kitchen where colour saturation is done vice versa. It results in a very interesting final effect – the kitchen is cosy and sometimes gives impression of a café.   .

Kuchnia brązowa

Blue kitchen. Recommended for those who love cool shades. This is a colour which can optically enlarge the space, ideal to be used in small kitchens where meals are only heated up and not served in large quantities. White fronts of light wood or beige colour can match the blue walls.

Kuchnia niebieska

Red kitchen. Thanks to red the kitchen interiors are warm and cosy. It’s an ideal colour for kitchens, improving appetite and contributing to a unique atmosphere. Red walls can create a perfect and distinctive background to pale and average cupboards. It’s recommended to use this colour when we want to restore the interior completely.

Czerwona kuchnia

Black kitchen. It’s a very modern and effective solution. It can be successful in large and light interiors. In smaller ones this colour may overwhelm and depress, however. It’s recommended for those who are bold and are eager to experiment. Usually the colour is applied upon one of the walls or its part. When used intelligently, it makes the interior look fashionably and may result in the effect of surprise.

Kuchnia w kolorze czarnym

Yellow kitchen. Yellow colour improves appetite and enhances digestion. This colour is used very rarely in the kitchen, though. While applying it, it’s worth ‘toning it down’ by making use of accessories or furniture in calming and neutral colours – white, grey or brown.

Kuchnia żółta

Pink kitchen. Rarely seen shade in the kitchen. It’s difficult to be used and combined. In combination with black and moulding can be make interesting interior in glamour style.

Kuchnia różana

Orange kitchen. It’s an ideal colour both for the kitchen of bigger space and small one. It’s appetite, energetic and stimulating to action. It contributes to a unique and pleasant atmosphere. It looks perfectly when combined with white and black or even grey.

Kuchnia brzoskwiniowa

When selecting a colour for our kitchen it’s worth being driven by not only accurate principles but first of all our own preferences. Only then will this place become a space where we will reside with pleasure and joy.

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