Dostępny asortyment oraz aktualności mogą różnić się w zależności od kraju. Dlatego wybór języka powiązany jest krajem pobytu przy wyborze strony producenta.

Jeśli wybieresz przeglądanie w języku polskim a przebywasz na terenie Rosji - asortyment podany na stronie może różnić się od dostępnego.

Technical advice

  • How to remove mould from walls?

    Mould on walls can appear in a spot where there is a great deal of humidity. It can be rooms like bathrooms, kitchens, boiler rooms as well as those ones where

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  • Painting from A to Z

    Painting from A to Z

    The following sites present a practical guide how to paint a room, a ceiling for white and walls for colourful colours, whereas white ‘enters’ a few centimetres

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  • Do it yourself

    Do it yourself

    You have purchased a desirable paint. You already see it on your wall. You are about to get down to paint. STOP! Not so fast. So that the effect can enchant you

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  • Renovation, elevation

    Renovation, elevation

    There is a beautiful day. You come out in order to spend time in the sun. You go for a stroll in the garden and you take a look at the facade of the house. Where

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  • The fifth elevation to report!

    The fifth elevation to report!

    Walls, windows, front doors and balconies – we see these elements when we take a look at the house. What about the roof? Not always it is visible so we seem to

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  • Manual of gluing cardboard-gypsum panel

    Manual of gluing cardboard-gypsum panel

    The surface must be solid and all binding processes must be completed, dry, free from any grease, old paint coatings, loose plaster particles and dust, free from...

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