5 ideas on wall colors in a living room

When you think of your living room, its layout and colors, you want it to look representative and beautiful. This is the place to which you invite your guests, where you spend your free time, meet family and friends.

The idea of how to color  this place can express our taste and nature, create atmosphere of rest or, conversely , energize, touch with subtlety or stun with energy.


kolory ścian do salonu

1. The idea no. 1 - graphites, whites and sun colors.

Connection which works in almost  every room is a classic combination of white,  graphites  and black (here  furniture and extras) with contrasting and introducing warm solar revival yellow. Such interior has elegant, almost gala nature and remains active despite the use of calm, not garish colors. It is the  maximum color contrast that makes a living room full of life, stimulating and fresh. Yellow accents make it is also warm and inviting to stay in.

kolory ścian do salonu


2. Idea no. 2 - red and beige.

Red color, the hottest of all colors, will raise the inside temperature and have a stimulting effect on human. However, too much wall space painted in this color can cause irritability and fatigue.  This does not mean, though, that red should be excluded while selecting colors for the living room. It is better to use it in combination with a different color and paint some interior walls red while other ones luminous and neutral beige. Such color duet creates a warm, cosy and courageous interior.

salon w kolorze czerwonym

3. Idea no. 3 - trendy purple and gray.

These colors  perfectly match  modern living rooms. Timeless nature of gray  shades in connection with elegant  violet creates exclusive and unique interior. Properly selected extras and upholstered furniture which matches in color its surrounding as well as interesting grain of bright wooden furniture create  space full of taste and beauty.

4.Idea no. 4 – off- whites.

This is an excellent solution for almost any interior.Joyful white illuminates, optically enlarges and creates a positive atmosphere in the living room. In contrast to pure white, it is not cold. This set of very desirable color characteristics in conjunction with the generally prevailing fashion on whites makes it possible that we often design lounges by painting them with warm off-white shades.


salon w beżach

5.Idea no. 5 -blue and orange.

Garish, youth colors of such living room bring joy and positive energy to the interior. Color contrast, an opposite of their temperatures, conducts some kind of dialogue before our eyes. Staying in such room you remain within their benevolent influence. Orange puts you in an optimistic mood while blue relaxes, soothes and cools down. Ideal duet to give a unique character to the interior.

 niebieski i pomaranczowy w salonie

Trendy lounge, maintained in an interesting colouring which matches both the nature of interior and personality  of its residents, is a guarantee that not only the owners, but also their guests will feel good in it.