Beautiful autumn colours in your home

Vibrant summer colours are slowly beginning to give way to well-toned colours of upcoming autumn. In parks and forests trees shimmer in the beautiful shades of yellow and red. Dazzling colouring of leaves is brilliant but that is not all - autumn contains the whole richness of colour inspirations. Some of them have been used in the Śnieżka Colours of Nature paint collection.

During cool autumn days we instinctively look for heat. We keep thinking of summer moments captured in colourful frames of holiday photographs. While decorating living room walls with the "Summer Memory" (149) shade from Śnieżka Barwy Natury paint collection we can bring the atmosphere of the warmest season into our homes for good. A positive effect of this treatment can be significantly strengthened by adding accent colour of "Fragrant Cinnamon" (121).  In combination with a pleasant warmth being emited by burning wood in a fireplace, these colours will make cooler days take a new expression.

Śneiżka barwy natury - kolory

Autumn, however, should not mean only reminiscence of summer. After all, it is also full of its own shades. Intoxicating and spectacular sunsets, unique colour of bloomy heather – these are just some examples of them. Both will be well-suited to your home. Breaking clear white with elements of "Sunset" (122) and adding embellishments of "Heather Valley" colour, we will create the atmosphere of warmth and safety in the room.

Barwy Natury - kolory farby

"Heather Valley" will also be excellent in the kitchen and dining room, where it allows you to create a friendly atmosphere which encourages family meetings at the table. "Rocky Coast" (158) and "Wild Orchidea" will help to emphasize the charm of this unique precious color.  Inspired to action by the "Sunset", we should also consider possibilities which gives us "Silence of Twilight" (166).  Soft evening gray will emphasize the effect of timeless white-shade elegance of the living room.

Barwy NAtury - kolory farby

The additives in more vibrant colors will definitely enhance attractiveness of the room. "Bouquet of Roses" (124) will perfectly match them.  Narrow strips of clear red will look extremely attractive in the grey background.

Barwy Natury - bukiet róż

Autumn is the season full of warm colours and shades wich serve as an excellent inspiration to create unconventional beautiful interiors. Superior quality paints from Śnieżka Barwy Natury collection - these are fifty-three unique colors inspired by the world around us including rich colour palette of autumn months. They are not only a perfect starting point for creative play, but also provide countless opportunities for interior decoration.