How to arrange a kitchenette? Trends of 2014

A kitchenette is more often becoming not only a necessity but a choice. Compact kitchen appliances, marvellous designs with an emphasis on ergonomic and optimal use of space as well as fast lifestyle, determine the look of our kitchens. Social awareness is also changing which is accompanied by fashion and diet. Big and fully equipped kitchens are no longer necessary for us. The circle of minimalists is increasing, who only need a few minutes to prepare a delicious meal in a perfectly designed place, where everything is within their hand’s reach.

Cegła w kuchni + kolor biały

Nowadays, even the biggest and spacious kitchens resemble kitchenettes. Not so long ago, enormous laboratory interiors ruled with a large number of distinctly displayed and professional equipment. We used to buy steam cookers, toasters, multifunctional ovens…. Currently, it is a gross exaggeration. In today’s world, we value compact appliances which play various roles simultaneously. Moreover, they are hidden in the fully built-in kitchen. Once again less is more.

biała kuchnia - biały kolor w kuchni

The look of interior kitchens has its grounds in the knowledge of society life. Current trends go hand in hand with research on human, lifestyle and its influence on the quality of function. In the past, while departing from fast-food meals, we were in favour of kitchen interiors where we prepared sophisticated and time consuming home dishes. We used to cook and grill together. Today, we are aware that too long heat-treated food is unhealthy. Nowadays, we tend to reach out for unprocessed food, raw fruit and vegetables. We consume natural juices more willingly and dinners consist of simple and multi-ingredient dishes, however, very creative ones. A functional kitchen interior is sufficient to prepare such dishes.

biała kuchnia

Modern kitchenettes derive their inspiration from caravanning and compact camping kitchens. A rich source of ideas to lay out tiny space creatively is hidden just there.

ciasna kuchniajak urządzić ciasną kuchnie

Despite their peculiar functions, kitchenettes seem to blend in the living area, they ‘disappear’. Cupboards become only elements of bigger built-in structure (living room, hall, stairs) and do not resemble kitchen. Appliances and objects are ideally adjusted to the site and almost camouflaged. Additionally, the kitchenette space is ‘equipped with’ elements which haven’t been seen in the kitchen as yet, like libraries, wardrobes, carpets and desks. The kitchenette becomes a multifunctional spot, regardless of chosen style and arrangement.

jak aranżować kuchnię


Features of modern kitchenettes.

1)Toned down or neutral colours adjusted to the whole interior. Oftentimes very bright, white or toned down colours, which optically enlarge the space.

2)Lack of pre-arranged functional division. The kitchen becomes an element of the living room or the corridor, without a clear frontier between the areas.

3)Multifunctional space. The kitchen benchtop can turn into a desk or a table. Pull-out or sliding counters or benchtops can change the interior functionality, depending on our needs.

4)Lack of displayed kitchen appliances. Elements of home appliances are built-in.

5)Minimalism in arrangement, simple furniture, one-colour, without handles.

6)Maximum space utilization, precise accommodation of appliances to the interiors and users’ needs. Custom-built kitchen.

7)Multi-spot lighting.


Even a very tiny kitchen which complies with the above recommendations can turn out to be a very comfortable interior in use and enchanting place to stay.