Lounge in yellow – interior design

Yellow brings to interior high dose of positive energy and optimism. Stimulates, inspires, brings to life. Depending on the tone used,it can warm the interior more or less, but is always associated with the sun, the summer and light.

This color is applied in a range of styles, both traditional and modern. For the sake of a big dose of energy which  shades of yellow bring, this color is not easy to use. It does not fit to everything and it does not create equally interesting combinations with everything.

Nowoczesny salon w jasnych kolorach

The classic interiors match softer, dirty or patina yellow shades. For the sake of wide selection of elements, it is better to apply bright colors and then emphasize it with dark yellow or gold accents.

tradycyjnt salon w kolorze beżowym

Modern interiors no longer require such a large color discipline and  yellow color may be present in them in different saturation and  a number of shades. Here the determinant of shades selection can be furniture color and an idea for the interior.

Yellow looks great next to gray. These colors contrast each other in terms of temperature, do not compete, but balance each other. High dose of  warmth and light brought by yellow as well as peace and nostalgia of gray form  optimistic interior and active, but also deep and relaxing .

Salon w kolorze żółtym

Yellow likes to dominate inside, responds badly to competition. If you choose  yellow color, it is better not  contrast it to cold shades (blue, purple ),because the result of this will be strenuous interior, pretentious and unfashionable, although in accordance with the principle of color merge such duet  would be correct.  It is better to create a background for yellow, matching neutral color (grays, specialty graphites, whites and blacks).  So  composed in terms of color lounges will retain their elegant character and their psychological impact will be positive, so we will feel inside more comfortable.

Jadalnia w kolorze żóltym (Miodowa Słodycz)

Modern interiors sometimes feature courage and extravagance and the power of pop-art color combinations. In such compositions yellow appears in the company of other loud and strong colors (oranges, reds, roses, navies).  This breach of the rules is indicative of the style. Its rebelious and expressive nature is expressed in both color and form of  interior equipment. Yellow color in these exceptional arrangements goes from the first plan and becomes a co-founder of space.

pokój dzienny w kolorze żółtym

Yellow is a defiant color . It features its own distinctive style as well as dominant and vigorous nature. However, there is a large dose of warmth and positive energy. Therefore, interiors designed with its  participation  have a specific and unique charm.