Pigments for paints - get the expected color with dyes

Among many ways used to obtain a paint in a specific color there is also one which involves using ready-made pigments to mix a dream tint. It is not a complex operation if you select proper pigment and the amount of paint.

The advantage of this method are:

-economic considerations, (pigments are cheap).

-individual choice of color, (only depends on us how deeply you saturate color).

-the possibility to achieve the perfect tone for different types of paint (emulsion, adhesive, oil, phthalic, chlorinated and others).

-possibility to obtain colors with wide value diversity , perfectly  matched with a shade.

-a joy of creating.

Pigmenty do barwienia farb


In order to obtain a paint in the right color, you must add the appropriate quantity of the pigment/pigments to so-called base.  It is best  to stir such paint mechanically using a drill or by hand. Paint should be thoroughly stirred, so that there are no  shades or streaks on the wall.

Colorex - pigment do farbyAdd pigment to the paint gradually, taking , however,  into account the proportions recommended by the manufacturer. It is important to follow your intuition, though, and also verify the hue on an ongoing basis  . When the color seems to be adequately saturated, it is recommended to do a "sample" on the wall and wait for approximately 30 minutes. If you are not satisfied with the test, then continue adding pigment and repeat the process. This is because paint colors in the container may vary significantly  after several dozen minutes on the wall.  Color charts attached to pigments are only indicative and the final color often depends not only on the dye itself but also on the  base paint used. Śnieżka Colorex - kliknij tutaj...


Those of you who are more courageous and experienced  can experiment with mixing more colors. In this way, you can get a truly exceptional and unique colors, with which your interior is unique.

Colorex - barwnik do farby

This method has, however, despite its undeniable advantages also quite significant disadvantages. Those are:

-No guarantee concerning the final color appearance.

-There is no possibility to make additional amount of paint with the same color and value (if the paint has run out),there is no repeatability.

-Risk associated with the wrong choice of pigment.

-Large amount of work in comparison to ready paints.

Pigmenty do farb


A wide range of shades  of ready- to -use paints  in the market, as well as professional  paint mixers have caused  that we increasingly less turn to the traditional method for obtaining colors using manual adding and mixing of pigments  . However, this is a great way for people who appreciate tradition, who are creative and  loving a little risk as well as for people who favour  an individual character of so created  colors.