The choice of paint colors for dark furniture.

Dark furniture always makes it a distinctive part of the room. The darker furniture is and the more of it, the darker and heavier all interior seems. When designing a room, in which the dark brown, gray or black furniture is to be found , you need to think carefully about the color composition so that you can enjoy a variety of tones in your interior and the whole arrangement is simply beautiful.

The most interesting interiors are those with wide value diversity, in which very dark objects are balanced by very bright ones and the equipment creates areas of color evenly distributed in space.

Dobór kolorów ściany do białych mebli

This does not mean, however, that the dark furniture should always be accompanied by bright paints. Bright accents inside may also be extras. If you choose to select a particular paint, we should consider several factors:

1) The size of the room.

Interiors of  small surface, equipped with dark furniture should rather be painted in bright hues. They will work in whites, bright grays and pastels. However, if we want a darker color to appear in them, it is better to think of color additionals or one wall in the selected color.

Zielony połączony z beżowym w salonie

2) The lighting.

Even in a small room, but with a large surface of windows, you can choose more daring colors of wall. Optically dark colors make a room look smaller. A large quantity of natural light, however, as well as visible space behind the window give interiors a new impulse. In such situations it is not recommended to cover windows with curtains, blinds or shutters. It is better when they  remain uncovered and in some exceptional circumstances you can cover them with thin lace or mulin, transparent curtain.

Czerwony połączony z czrnym w salonie

3) Furniture.

A beautiful shape of dark furniture will be more visible in the bright background. If you want it to be prominently displayed, you should reach for brighter paint colors. Contrast hues highlight the shapes of furniture and will put it in the centre of attention.

Miejsce na kawę w kolorze beżowym

If, for any reason  , it is better for furniture to remain less visible, it should be placed on a dark background. Thanks to such decorating „trick" you can change the interior without replacing equipment. In a dark room with dark furniture bright additionals will be highlighted.  White or colored lamps, cushions, picture frames  or passe-partout of graphics or photos will add interior a style. As a result dark equipment will remain in the background and no longer play an important role.

4) What colors we like.

Even the most well decorated interior, but in the colors that are incompatible with our preferences, will make us tired or irritated. Aware of our own preferences, reach for such colors, in the companyof which we feel the best. Knowing the above rules for the selection of paints for dark furniture inside and spending time in the  circle of favorite colors, we can choose a shade which will not only be optimal for interior, but also close to our nature.

Jadalnia w kolorach pomarańczowym i szarym