The interior living room in gray

Gray "entered the showrooms' despite the fact that until recently it was regarded as second-class color, associated with boredom and sadness. Today we discover again the beauty and subtlety in color representing this type of impact on human perception that nowadays most people choose.


Gray is a mixture of black and white, the colors which are totally in contrast. It links  extremes, introduces harmony and peace to your interior It is  a neutral  color  , which means that it creates a perfect environment for meetings, both those of a social life as well as those in which you have to negotiate, establish a plan and push your own point of view. Living-room is a place to meet. Here we usually relax,  talk or share each other. Gray seemingly passive and absent becomes eminence grise, tacit witness of our best memories, interesting stories and memorable moments.

Salon w kolorze szarym



Industrial style which introduced to the lounge design gray color in the form of raw concrete and steel elements. Tamed gray of walls has become an indispensable element in modern living rooms. Designer furniture and lamps in such background no longer stuns people with snobbery but becomes a functional element of interior equipment of remarkable form. It is the sign of good taste and owners’  modesty as well as their conscious asking for the best design. This combination of modesty and design perfect finds its place in the modern minimalist trend. "Less is more" is the slogan that today every designer knows and the  gray color has its important place in its interpretation.

Nowoczesny salon w kolorze szarym



Ash blonde shades of walls and furniture are echoed in the living rooms decorated in classic and rustic styles. Traditional furniture in its diversity appear in the new color scenes in raw gray walls. This is why gray almost stops too rich form of designs and colors while leaving, as it seems, only the shape of furniture from the old eras. This stripping objects of gold plating and patterns as well as  subtle gray background enables old designs to find their new important place in today's interiors. Gray becomes some kind of bridge between the past and present and the connection  of classical design and  contemporary color inside the house creates interesting, surprising and unique interiors.

Jadalnia w szarościach


Gray color does not impose, is not dominant. It will be a great background for beautiful furniture, paintings, prints and the lamps. We receive the background color from contrast ( graphite tones to the bright objects ,  bright and ash blonde tones to the dark ones ).


Połączenie kolorów szarych w salonie


Gray goes with everything; it can easily be combined with other colors without risk of error and the final effect depends almost entirely on our personal preferences. Warm colors (yellows, reds, oranges)  look very attractive in combination with gray. They seem to be even warmer and become dominant color in the living room.

Połączenie żółtego z szarym w salonie


Cool colors (blues, greens, violets) when combined with gray become slightly gentler,  friendlier to look at and at the same time they do not lose their current nature.

Голубий у сірій вітальні

While furnishing the lounge more and more often we turn to shades of gray regardless of your preferred style and interior character. It is a neutral and fashionable color. By selecting the gray color of walls in the living room you get subtle, soft and refined background for the interior equipment.