Wall colors in the office. Increase efficiency of your employees

Over the years researchers have been focusing on the subject of colors in the offices. The impact of color on human psyche is confirmed both by recent research and ancient philosophy from more than 3 thousand years ago. Thus it does really matter what colors you surround yourself with as each of them has different properties.

Does the nature of the office,its design and color scheme may affect the productivity of workers, their creativity and willingness to work? Everything  indicates that yes, it is true. Because although the color perception and taste is often individual matter, when it comes to the general principles and color impact on our psyche, we all respond similarly. Color impact reaches  deeper than our awareness, refers to our original instincts and these in turn are embedded in our human nature.

Jakie kolory ścian wybrać do biura

Properly composed colors in the office may favorably affect the productivity of persons and vice versa, wrong color combination of the room causes fatigue, irritability, and drowsiness..

Psychotechnical studies have shown that color finish of office rooms should be based on warm, bright tones of low saturated colors. Such color finish has a mobilising effect on employees , creates the feeling of warmth and cleanliness as well as makes a room more cosy.

Kolor ścian w sali konferencyjnej

Ceilings in the office should be white, and your desk is best to have tops in bright and calm colors. In  offices  you should avoid using  dark colors (as they actually have an overwhelming effect and make you feel cold and sad) as well as bright colors (they cause anxiety and distraction).

Also painting all  interior of office building in one color is not recommended as it favors  monotony. Corridors should best be painted with colors slightly darker than office rooms.

Kolory ścian do biura

Selection of  office design color should depend largely on the type of work activity and personality  of people working there.


What colors to choose for offices

We can choose:

Clean colors - excellent in all interiors which needs to be brought to life. Can be used both as wall colors and additions to white, gray and pastel colors and broken colors.

Barwy czyste do kina


Complementary colors – these are pairs  of color that make up the biggest contrast. You should be careful  when you use them in offices because such a combination may cause fatigue and nervousness.

Barwy dopełnijące (kolory ścian) w biurze


Broken colors - produced by adding a little amount of color complementing to the basic color. They are less intense than clean colors. They look good in  offices. It's easy to combine them with other pure or pastel shades.

Kolory ścian do biura

Earth colors - the colors that occur naturally in nature (colors of trees, rocks, sand, soil and plants).  They look best in interiors in conjunction with wood, wicker, cardboard, cork and flax. They can be connected anywhere in interiors with each other and other colors as they are neutral colors.

Barwy ziemi do biura (jakie kolory do biura)

Pastel colors – these are bright, sunny colors with a large addition of white. They look especially good in dark, tight and sad spaces. You can use them in halls, corridors and office rooms. They look great arranged with pure colors.

barwy pastelowe do poczekalni (jaki kolor wybrać do poczekalni)

Cold colors - give the feeling of purity and lightness. It is good to use them in rooms that are  tight and hot because they optically cool down and enlarge these interiors. These colors  particularly stimulate mental effort.

Barwy zimne do biura

Warm colors - create a very positive atmosphere inside the office. Associated with the sun and fire optically reduce  space, foster peace and relaxation. Recommended to be used in large rooms for rest and integration.

Ciepłe kolory do biura

Designing office space and selecting interior colors we should be aware  how colors work so that  the shades you choose can help  achieve your objectives.