Beige colour

Pink, peach and beige colours belong to a very rich palette of pastel colours. They are bright and calm colours with a lot of admixture of white. They can be applied in all premises and freely combined with other colours, particularly, clean ones, which are the colours of the rainbow. They can be used in premises where we want to add life to children’s rooms, for example, being a perfect contrast of pastel colours.

Beige symbolizes health and reliability, can also stimulate the appetite. In a room it can have a relaxing effect. It makes that other colours look deeper and brighter. In combination with green, it makes a palette of earth colours. This colourful palette is suitable for almost all premises. It can also be combined with yellow, pink or rust-coloured shades of orange. It is elegant when combined with deep violet, grey as well as red and orange. Beige is used to provide a relaxing and calming background, which can be supplemented in many various ways, by adding a small stripe in a different colour, for example, or very colourful curtains.