Blue colour

Blue is one of the principle and cold colours but sophisticated and subtle. It regulates sleep but also stimulates mind to work. It gives relief and inspires. It symbolizes seriousness and trust, especially dark blue is associated with intelligence and stability. It’s recommended for those exhausted psychically who need peace and rest. It’s not recommended for depressed and anxious persons.

One of its main advantages is visual enlargement of space. It’s useful in tiny premises. Ideal for bedrooms, studies as well as children’s room. It’s not recommended in dining rooms and kitchens because it prevents from appetite.

Intense dark blue colours in combination with white or violet contribute to obtain a depth and power character, ideal to stimulate to work. Dark blue with metallic silver is associated with elegance. Whereas when combined with orange or red, they saturate the premises with intense cheerful colour, for the benefit of children. Paler light blue shades ideal to relax and calm down can be combined with white, beige or cream colour. In order to obtain a more powerful effect, the light blue can be emphasised by green or brown, making the premises look prestigiously. Perfectly, blue can be combined with patterned carpets or curtains.

A blue building in combination with green roof, window shutters and doors, can integrate into a spring and summer colours of the garden and during winter cheer up the facade, strengthening the feeling of coming back to the warm house.