Peach colour

Pink, peach and beige colours belong to a very rich palette of pastel colours. They are bright and calm colours with a lot of admixture of white. They can be applied in all premises and freely combined with other colours, particularly, clean ones, which are the colours of the rainbow. They can be used in premises where we want to add life to children’s rooms, for example, being a perfect contrast of pastel colours.

Peach colour is a result of combination of white and orange. The colour allows to stimulate people to thinking or speaking. Its inner warmth gives the premises a cosy character, perfectly influencing work as well as rest. It’s ideal for bedrooms, living rooms and children’s rooms. It can be combined with bright shade of ‘grass’ green or light brown, which soften a bit the warmth of peach colour, giving it a more elegant character. It can also be used to warm up other colours such as light blue or green and blue colours, which interestingly emphasise a pastel colour of the room. A peach room will be elegant in combination with white or brown furniture. Such a room can also be additionally decorated by patterned cushions in the sofa.