Pink colour

Pink, peach and beige colours belong to very abounding palette of pastel colours. They are light, calm colours with great admixture of white. They can be used in all premises and combined with any shades, particularly pure ones, the colours of the rainbow. They can be applied inside of premises in order to add life in children’s rooms, for example, being a perfect contrast of pastel colours.

Pink is a derivative colour, it’s a combination of red and white. It expresses stability, moderation and self-control. It makes the premises warm and is recommended for bedrooms. It shouldn’t be used too excessively, however, since it may result in a feeling of weakness. It can be combined with white, cream, grey and brown. Pink can be emphasised by green. This combination resembles a spring garden and is perfect for living rooms where dark brown furniture and decorative fabrics can be found. It altogether contributes to elegance of the premises.