Violet colour


Violet is a derivative colour, created by combining light blue with red. It’s a colour with wide range of shades, beginning with dark red, blackberry and almost plum violet. It depends on the degree of red or light blue dominant features. Within the palette we can certainly find light shades combined with white, such as heather or lavender colours. It influences the brain effectively and stimulates the nervous system. A violet room enhances creativity and imagination. It’s recommended for those who desire peace, silence and harmony, enables to understand our own desires and feelings. It’s not recommended for oversensitive, who want to find acceptance and feel a need of making friends as well as for all of those who have low self-esteem.

Deep violet suggests wealth, whereas its light shade – romanticism, softness and subtlety. In combination with brown and beige – it’s associated with colours of earth and some mystery, whereas green might contribute to joyful atmosphere. A combination of violet and pink is usually for women. Lavender colour indicates elegancy.