Yellow colour

Yellow is a principle colour and belongs to warm colours, friendly and joyful. It prevents from tiredness and stimulates a bit. It also stimulates work of brain, enhances thinking and memory. It’s a colour of science, intellect and optimism, indicates hope and happiness.

It’s perfect to light interiors, useful in premises where there is very little access of day light, pointing to the north and the east. Pastel shades are to be used on large surfaces because too bright colour might be irritating. Yellow walls create a light background and are perfect for paintings and patterned and decorative fabrics. It harmonizes perfectly with red, orange and light green colours. It contrasts with black, grey and blue colours.

Light yellow called also a lemon one as well as all cream shades are pure and light colours. It harmonizes perfectly with green, white, light-blue and grey colours. Red, violet and warm blue colours contrast with yellow. It’s recommended to use it in dining rooms, living rooms and bedrooms. It harmonizes interestingly with modern furniture which are made of metal and glass. All kinds of plush and fleece accessories such as soft cushions might be interesting and original accessories to the furniture.

Warm yellow colour in its intense shade resembles amber. It gives the premises a transparent and slightly golden character, that is a feeling of warmth, which ideally fits the bathroom. It can also be used in the kitchen, living room and bedroom. It’s a colour which belongs to a traditional and the oldest decorative palette. In combination with classic furniture, the premises gain sophistication and depth. Warm yellow looks perfect in combination with heavy and dark curtains. The contrast combination can be obtained by combining it with intense red, light blue and green colours. Combination with turquoise is very effective but can also be tiring. More gentle effects can be obtained by combining yellow with grey, light brown, celadon or lavender colours.

Yellow colour strengthens nervous system, liver and pancreas. It’s recommended for those who need a shot of self-confidence and a will to make decisions. It’s not recommended for those who are sensitive to criticism and lack the feeling of stability.

Dark yellow shades used for facade decorations in combination with a red roof, allow the building to have an optimistic and bright character, perfectly harmonizing with the garden greenery. During winter evenings the yellow facade will play a cheer-up role.


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