What paint to choose for the bathroom? The expert’s advice

Bathrooms as well as kitchens, toilets and laundries are areas where the walls are exposed to more frequent and intense contact with water. Therefore, ceramic tiles are usually used in these areas. Indeed, in places where a wall has a direct contact with water (showers, wash basins and bath tubs),it’s worth doing it. The remaining surface, however, can be painted and guaranteed that the selected paint will provide a suitable protection against moisture.

Jaki kolor wybrać do łazienki

The market is abundant in many paints, including those special ones intended for bathrooms and kitchens. Why is it worth taking advantage of them?

Jaką farbę wybrać do łazienki


Jaki kolor farby wybrać do łazienki

Particles of silver have biocidal and bactericidal properties and provide optimal hygienic conditions in areas exposed to influence of microorganisms. All the aforementioned features are preserved for as long as the paint is on the wall. It’s not necessary then to repaint the area in order to ensure a suitable protection for the walls.

łzienka w kolorze beżowym

While painting the bathroom, an essential factor which ensures a suitable protection for the walls is a proper preparation before painting and the application itself. In the event of bathrooms, all activities should be conducted with a particular care about details.

1) Firstly, we have to clean the substrate from any contaminations by using water with detergent. In case of surfaces infected by fungi, we need to remove the old paint coats, clean the wall and apply a biocidal agent (e.g. Vidaron Biocidal Agent)

2) Fill in any cracks in the wall by taking advantage of gypsum putty or other adhesives. After drying we sand the wall and remove dust by a vacuum cleaner.

3) The wall must be primed by an agent recommended by the paint’s manufacturer. We wait until the wall dries out before we proceed with painting works.

łazienka w kolorze fioletowym


Bathroom paints, thanks to applied latest technologies supported by research, can ensure efficient protection for ‘wet’ walls against influence of destructive factors. A suitable product selection as well as a correct application can guarantee a long-lasting protection.