Stain resistance guaranteed

Stains can damage the surface appearance. When applying stain resistance, ceramic paint for interiors, MAGNAT CERAMIC, stains won’t be there for long. Its unique properties are emphasised by a nationwide advertising campaign which commenced by the end of current July.

MAGNAT CERAMIC, a third generation ceramic paint for interiors introduces new quality in the category of paints.  An innovative technology, CERAMIC SYSTEM (CS 3G),used in it, in combination with extraordinary resistance parameters to scrubbing and washing according to PN-EN-13300 standard, ensure that stains do not penetrate the coating and when cleaning them just after they occurred, it is easy to remove them without any signs of contamination.    
Unique properties of MAGNAT CERAMIC paint, confirmed by numerous examinations, tests and certificates, allow the manufacturer to provide the warranty of stain resistance for all 45 colours of the paint.
‘Stain resistance is guaranteed or money back guarantee’ is the main message of the nationwide advertising campaign of MAGNAT CERAMIC paint, which was launched on 26 July 2013. The advertising actions covered television, the internet, newspapers and the radio. Within the campaign the audience will be able to watch funny video clips showing extraordinary properties of the paint. The video clips can be seen on the internet as well as the biggest TV stations such as TVP1, TVP2, TVN, POLSAT. They are supported by internet banners, newspaper ads in prestigious interior and lifestyle magazines and POS materials. Regardless of the kind of medium, the product values will be announced under the following slogan: ‘Accidents happen….. but it does not include walls painted by MAGNAT CERAMIC paint!’. 
MAGNAT CERAMIC allows to create a friendly and modern interior where we can spend time nicely and in peace, not worrying about stains!

MAGNAT CERAMIC was manufactured on the basis of innovative technology - CERAMIC SYSTEM (CS 3G),which prevents the paint from absorbing contamination and ‘difficult’ stains (provided that they are removed in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations). The product has extraordinary resistance properties to scrubbing and washing. The high quality of the product was confirmed by numerous tests, examinations and certificates. 

Warranty rules are available at the following website:


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