4 colors that will give you relaxation - bedroom

Bedroom is a place where you want to relax after a long day of work, find solace and relaxation. Thinking of bedroom before your eyes you usually have an interior in which we feel safe, cosy and at ease. While furnishing the interior of your bedroom you must take into account psychological impact of color. Although color feel is very individual, some rules of its impact on humans are objective and common to all people.

Warm colors (reds, yellows, oranges) not only form a hot atmosphere inside but also stimulate and activate. Cold colors (greens, blues) calm down, give respite but also coo downl. However, these rules apply to color in their basic shades. All colors arising as a result of mixing, "soiling" colors as well as value change begin to detract these simple interactions. So what colors to select to make your bedroom cosy and relaxing?

1. Bronze

Is a mixture of all primary colors in equal proportions and by that it gives a sense of balance and fullness. This is a neutral color, natural and beautiful. It includes both the heat of sunshine and tranquility of the world.

Sypialnia w kolorze brązowym

The bedroom seems to be just right for this color. It matches the additives in many colors because it goes well with almost everything. Intense shades beautifully contrast with white and the colors of mint, turquoise or blue. For those who like more "savory"  color combinations, we recommend cherry or claret tones to the bronze . Brown colors  have a very appealing look in bedrooms, also in monochrome compositions. They make  very cosy and classy  interiors, full of proper climate.


2. Green

This is the the most natural and relaxing color . In its surroundings we feel relaxed and positively oriented to life. In the bedroom green may appear in many different colors, depending on its style, the size of interior, style and the idea for space arrangement . Each of these shades is a good choice because human nature, human psychology associates it with life, freedom and space.

Zielony kolor farby do sypialni

Green is a mixture of   blue and yellow colors and depending on the type of lighting, this color will behave in a slightly different way. In the evening,  in yellowish artificial light, when the light bulbs bring out of green all the heat, the nit may seem to us  gentle and calming. In the morning sunlight the blue colors contained in the green become active and then it will stimulate and activate us more . This phenomenon makes the green  a color especially great for the bedroom.

3. Beige

Favorite color with exceptional properties. It brings in a large dose of positive emotions as well as soothes tension, calms and relaxes. It is a friendly color, mild and warm.

Beżowy kolor farby w sypialni

It is perfect for use in small interiors because it brightens them up and visually enlarges the room. With natural extras and wooden furniture it builds a space of a very friendly atmosphere, which makes us feel perfect when we are in.


4. Gray

When found  inside the house, it introduces the sense of balance and serenity. Gray is a mixture of white and black. Thanks to its properties it  alleviates contrasts, soothes shattered nerves and calms down. When we are surrounded by it we feel free and home- like. Gray is known as a mate very well known to us and a companion to everyday life.

Szarości w sypialni

Those who wish to discover its beauty and values will be rewarded by peaceful atmosphere and unique, subtle climate of interior. Clean shades of gray may, however, seem  too cool to some people. Therefore for the bedroom we recommend broken shades of gray. They are warmer and smoother. Today gray appears most frequently in fashionable combinations with white and beige.



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