Blue kitchen - an idea for styling.

Not very often kitchens are decorated in blue color. Shades of blue are rightly classified as cold and only courageous people reach for them when planning kitchen redecoration. Eliminating this color from the palette of selected colors, we should remember, however, about its arrangement and psychological characteristics. Perhaps being aware of that you will reach for this unique and beautiful color?

There is a great number of  blue  color shades, from delicate blue, through deep blue turquoise to navy blue and sapphire. Depending on the selected shade, the kitchen interior will feature a slightly different nature.

Kuchnia w kolorze niebieskim

Strong cold tones of the blue are better suited for the spacious interiors, very bright and modern. They create  strong and rapacious interiors, ideal for courageous people. It is best to combine in the interiors dark, highly saturated colors with white and steel accents. The result will be a cold, sterile, almost laboratory interior with a very contemporary design.

Kolor biały i niebieski w kuchni

Sharp interior look  can be slightly changed with the color additives. However, these should not be too many. Such an intense color should not  be balanced with plenty of color details, because this will introduce anxiety into your room. Still, several strong color accents fulfil and highlight the idea of the blue kitchen.

Połączenie koloru białego i niebieskiego w kuchni

Delicate blue shades create a sense of space; that’s why they will work in the interiors of small area which are dark and overwhelming. The blue optically enlarges a small space and a cool temperature of the blue will make you feel  more freely in it. In such cases, remember to choose very bright shades  , glowing and reflecting a large amount of light.

Farba do kuchni

You can definetly use  softer shades of blue  inside in combination with other colors of a similar saturation. Each color in the company of the blue will appear  warmer to us. The blue stresses  the warmth of other colors and materials in an excellent way. Blue kitchens do not have to be cold, when you  arrange them with the  use of wooden furniture, tabletops or extras. Especially warm and soft seem to be in his company various fabrics. Blue background makes  the most of these elements, in particular as far as temperaturę is concerned, thus creating interesting and varied collage of colors, textures and shapes.

Niebieski w połączeniu z szarościami w kuchni

Blue calms and relaxes. It also improves our well-being and  brings solace after a hard day. If kitchen is the place in which we spend most of our time after work, it's worth trying to arrange it in blue color. Beneficial, almost therapeutic nature of this color is that, contrary to our first feelings or habits, the color is friendly to human nature and worth applying in kitchen interiors.

Kolor lazurowy w kuchni

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