Colour selection to white furniture.

It’s believed that white furniture looks best against a dark and intensely coloured background. Indeed, this is true. It is emphasized better then and white can perfectly contrast with saturated colours. Dark colour of the background emphasizes the shape and form of a white object.

It’s worth considering and using this option when we want to show a particular object but also when we want to ‘hide’ it. We must bear in mind that it will disappear when we put it against the white background.

Jak dobrać kolor ścian do białych mebli

Each colour is suitable to match the white colour and if we have furniture like this, our choice of colour should be determined by the size and illumination of the room as well as our own preferences.

Dobór koloru ścian do białych mebli

However, the latest trends depart from this conventional thinking to some extent. Nowadays, it’s very common to have very light and spacious interiors and as a result, it leads to creating compositions of very light colours, even only white ones.  
White furniture against the white background looks also great.

Białe meble, biały kolor ścian

White interiors make impressions of bigger space, however, they are in favour of large amount of daylight. In our climate where we can count on the sun for a limited number of months during the year, white may seem too cool and when combined with inappropriate light – grey and dull. It’s worth taking advantage of colourful accessories then.

Białe meble + biały kolor ścian + kolorowe dodatki


or think about only one colourful wall

Białe meble a niebieską ścianą

If we don’t want to paint the whole flat or when we have a very interesting piece of furniture worth displaying, we can create an arrangement which will change the interior and at the same time won’t make it too heavy.  
Universality of white furniture allows to combine colours even in minimalist interiors without interruption of the interior character and style.

Połączenie dwóch kolorów z białymi meblami

As a result we can emphasise symbolically functional areas of the room, highlighting its character by distinguished colour. White furniture is then as if a common denominator, making the conceptual arrangement clear and the room interesting and individual.

Czerwony kolor oraz białe meble

We can find a similar notion in the bathroom. Most sanitary equipment is white and more frequently ceramic wall facing is replaced by modern paints specially designed to such interiors.

Farby do łazienki

Dark and highly saturated background of walls will emphasize the shape of bathroom armature and sanitary equipment and as a result highlight its character.
A strong colour used in a small room may be overwhelming, though. It’s recommended to apply only light and gentle colours which can also be combined with white.

Ciemny kolor do łazienki


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