Colourful childhood moments

Childhood is very often associated with carefree, peace and fun. Children have creative imagination and often unlimited fantasy. They are able to use any object for their purpose, which, many times, leads to causing a lot of trouble to their parents.

‘Decorations’ on walls

Despite all the efforts of young artists – ‘painters’, the decoration might not be necessarily a desirable ornament of children’s room. Definitely better and certainly less troublesome will be drawings performed on sheets of paper or special chalk boards. – In my flat the walls are always painted. My daughter loves painting with crayons. This way she was able to decorate the wardrobe in the bedroom, the door of the bathroom, the walls in her bedroom and the kitchen tiles. – says Anita Wudarczyk, a mother of four-year Paulina. Even if our kid does not paint the walls in their bedroom, there might appear some stains and contaminations, due to regular use of the premises. Children often touch the walls with their dirty hands. It happens that sometimes parts of meals, usually fruit or sweets, land on them. The best solution to protect the walls will be a use of paint resistant to washing and scrubbing. This kind of paint can be found in the offer of Sniezka company. In June there was a launch of Sniezka Satin. – A unique formula of the paint and Teflon® surface protector make the painting coating, as a result of painting by Sniezka Satin in accordance with manufacture’s recommendations, 5 times more resistant to washing than latex paints classified as resistant to washing, according to PN-C-81914 standard – says Dariusz Wróbel, Application Department Manager of FFiL Śniezka S.A. – Additionally, the paint has excellent covering properties and is easy to apply. Moreover, it prevents from paint splatter – thanks to it, we will avoid a long renovation, which is not recommended, if we have small children at home. The paint is also very efficient (to 14m2/l with one layer only) – explains Dariusz Wróbel.

Great variety of colours

The collection of colours allows to create many colourful combinations, in accordance with universal principles of maintaining harmony and the latest trends. They contribute to a nice atmosphere within premises which can bring a lot of happiness for children in their everyday contact with the world of colours. It’s very important since colours influence our physical and metal state. They can create a good mood or be depressing, stimulate or calm. Blue walls improve concentration, help children to calm down after a tiring day. The room painted this way is ideal for any games which require concentration. Red releases energy and creates favourable conditions for having fun. Our children can have fun freely in this kind of room. Ideal combination is also fresh green, along with soft contrasting white. It allows to create a bright and optimistic interior of teenager’s room. The combination of these colours makes impression of order and neatness, being the background – in large quantities in children’s rooms – of colourful details. – For the youngest it is best to select white in combination with pink. White and pink interiors reflect ideally all positive emotions associated with a child in the house – says Anna Szymaszek, PR Specialist of FFiL Sniezka S.A. Pink colour is associated with affection, gentleness, care and attention. Even children themselves like being surrounded by pink, picking pink toys, for example.

Stains varnish

Beautiful and colourful walls can bring a lot of happiness to our everyday life. So as to make it possible, we have to take care of the painted walls, so that they preserve the colour and stay…..clean. It’s hard to keep and eye on the child, therefore, it’s worth preventing from unpleasant effects of fun. High quality and washable paint will allow us to spend our time in peace. If a child soils the wall, it will be easy to remove a stain or a drawing by just using a wet cloth.


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