How do I select the color to paint the hall?

Until recently choosing the proper color for the hall gave us a lot of problems. The halls of our flats are usually small narrow and poorly-lit spaces which in accordance with art decorating business should be coated with very clear paint to brighten the interior and visually enlarge it. On the other hand, it is in these areas that there is a large number of people coming in and out and the walls very quickly become soiled. Therefore, practical considerations may suggest the use of dark shades. What to choose - aesthetics or practicality?

Wybór farby do korytarza

Modern technologies used today in the manufacture of paints made it possible for  these products to be extremely resistant to washing and scrubbing. Modern paint after drying creates a durable coating, smudge-resistant and easy to keep clean, as it is washable. Just warm water and detergent and extremely dirty wall may become impeccable again. The availability of such products on the market today enabled us to choose a paint taking into account only aesthetic considerations of an interior .

Kolor farby do korytarza

Color selection should depend on the size and interior lighting, items of equipment (door carpentry, floor, room buildingsetc. ),the psychological properties of color and your own personal preferences.


In small dark rooms we use bright colors. Thanks to them the interiors become light and spacious. Painting small interiors with dark colors  is not wrong, it requires, however, the experience in choosing colors and some knowledge of  certain " decorating  tricks”, so that  the interior does not become dark and gloomy.

Oświetlenie w korytarzu a dobór farby

The appropriate artificial lighting, good choice of furniture and additives, the proper use of mirrors are just some of the ways you can use optical zoom space for dark color walls. In large and bright hallways we have more freedom. We can often  use intense color without too much risk.


In order to make the interior look beautiful it is essential that we follow  color consistency. The project should create a concept  legible for the audience. Even if it is crazy and very colorful, consistency should be the common denominator for the interior decor. When selecting a tint of the paint you should review the color of home furnishings, which will remain visible  inside and for which the wall will be a background. If the color of door carpentry, floor, cabinets, lamps is in warm tones, it is a good idea to look for wall color among such colors, or among neutral colors. And vice versa, we are looking cool colors for cool color tones. As a result, we have a guarantee that the end result will remain consistent.

Przedpokój w kolorze JaśminowymKolor jaśminowy w korytarzu

In small interiors we select colors on the basis of  harmony. Bigger interiors or open spaces are not afraid of contrasts and there we can introduce decorative madness. Color can sometimes contractually separate the space function.

Kontrastowy kolor w przedpokoju

Where walls are exposed to damage and covered by decorative panels or panelling, we can also freely arrange  space and change it. Enamels on metal and wood are available in a great number of attractive colors. Old elements of interior design can please us with a new look.

kolor w przedpokoju


The interior color can invite us to visit the place  or discourage our guest from entering. Let us remember about that psychological aspect of hall decor because this is the first room of our house and somehow anticipation of what the guest will see going further. Warm colors make an impression of homely atmosphere, they are intimate, , diminish space and distance.

kolor wrzosowy w korytarzu

Cool colors can keep your own identity and integrity. They are better suited to more official relations. Neutral colors are out of reach of psychological effects.

Your preferences

They are the most important factor when selecting a paint to the interior. They are our subjective feelings, our idea of the interior. They are the beginning of wish to change and the pursuit to make the space around us even more beautiful. Knowing the proper color matching rules and  passing them through the prism of our own imagination let’s create unique places.

Kolor zielony w przedpokoju


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