How to choose an appropriate colour for interiors?

A colour selection for our flat depends mainly on which room we want to apply them. It’s due to the fact that they have an influence on our psyche and using a particular shade may have an impact on our feelings, mood and the overall psychical and physical condition.

By using various colour sets we can create a totally different climate within the very same room. Thus, we ought to take advantage of favourable influence of colours skilfully, not only driven by our own preferences during the selection stage. An appropriate colour for the bedroom, will not be necessarily good in the living room where we welcome our guests and spend our spare time with the family. Colourful combinations, chosen for a children’s room, surely won’t be accepted by a rebellious teenager. A colour which has relaxing properties in the bathroom, may result in losing appetite in the dining room, for example. A sophisticated and elegant colour of the living room may look dull in the hall.

colours for interiors

Whilst planning colours for interiors it is necessary to take into consideration the following aspects:


Premises function

Size and proportions

Emotions, which we want to experience in a particular interior

Decor and equipment elements which we are not willing to alter

A kind of artificial and natural lighting


All of the above factors may determine some options, which should be considered and their optimal combination will allow us to make right decisions as far as colour issues are concerned.


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