Ideal colour for our living room.

Living room is either a peculiar private spot or a public one. All family members take advantage of it and, simultaneously, it becomes a showpiece we want to be proud of whilst showing it to our friends and guests. It is both a presentation of our tastes, aesthetical preferences and a way of life as well as interior of suitable functionality and comfort. At the same time its colours ought to be accepted by the whole family, which sometimes might look like striking a compromise.

When selecting colour of the living room, we need to be in our guests’ shoes. Do we want them to appreciate the elegance and sophisticated nature of our interior or maybe more informal, warm and welcoming climate? Do we desire to be perceived as modern people, aware of current fashion trends and interior arrangements or rather trustworthy traditionalists, attached to universal values? All the aforementioned features can be conveyed by suitable colour selection.

Kolory farby do salonu

Stylish living room

Varied range of greyness with strong violet and red tones, gives the interior a bold and a full-of-character image. A range of greyness has been present in our homes for many years and its satin lightness emphasises the colour of furniture as well as vivid colourful details. Provoking and attracting our attention red will take on an incredible splendour in the artificial and warm light. One must use it carefully, though, so that it inspires and stimulates and does not irritate. On the other hand violet will give the interior an unusual, sophisticated climate, perfectly corresponding to the equipment of glamour style.

Family living room

Warm beige and chocolate brown make the interior look cosy and raise a feeling of safety. Brown is a colour of tradition, home, which is associated in an appetizing way with coffee and chocolate colours. By combining brown and warm beige colours within the living room, we can create an atmosphere of classical and elegant café bar, pleasant both on everyday basis and during bigger social occasions and celebrations.

Natural living room

Unpretentious character of green makes most people feel comfortably and freely. Bright and light green colours are naturally fresh and young – stimulate our mind and bring light into interiors, especially on those morning days, when there seems to be very little light and greenery. Pastel green colours enlarge the interiors optically and have relaxing properties.


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