Kitchen designing trends in 2014

In 2014 kitchens will still be bright and open to living rooms. They will become an integral part of sitting rooms just like consuming meals is an inherent element of our everyday life. The lifestyle determines their appearance and the way of decorations.


Kolor waniliowy w kuchni - najnowsze trendy

This year the two colour trends will be dominant. The first one consists of monochromatic, delicate and toned-down kitchens. The pace of life and multiple stimulus, our everyday life is subject to, make us spend our free time with pleasure in calming premises which allow us to relax and relieve. This is the way our kitchens will look like, full of illumination, ideally combined delicate colours, with a merely different value. We can encounter here neutral, beige, grey and broken white colours.

Beżowa kuchnia - Trendy 2014

The second visible trend will be based on maximal contrasts – white and black. Graphic motifs and cubic blocks will be present in the arrangements. The layout of cupboards, kitchen appliances and floor patterns will resemble more a drawing made by a contemporary artist rather than a real room. Such a colourful minimalism, emphasised by state-of-the-art form of kitchen decor, can be softened by colourful accessories or intense colourful stains.  

Czerwona kuchnia - Trendy 2014



The most modern patterns which can be seen in kitchens in 2014 are shiny lacquered surfaces, reflecting light and making impression of sterile clean. These will be the fronts of cupboards, wall and floor tiles as well as furniture, glassware and other accessories. Patterns which resemble porcelain. Motifs derived from nature will also become inspirations. It will be seen both in floral and plant motifs as well as patterns resembling leather, fur and wood. The inspirations will alternate with each other and take on various shapes, depended and limited only by designer’s imaginations.

Najnowsze trendy - kuchnia w kolorze waniliowym



The principle aspect of each kitchen is still its ergonomics and functionality. Kitchens will be comfortable and all necessary objects will be available within the reach of our hands, although they won’t be seen. Modern furniture systems can provide such possibilities, prepared to almost every eventuality. Pull-out drawers, baskets and opening systems without a touch, these are only few examples of practical solutions.

Ecology is a crucial factor of our everyday life, which has its real reflection in the kitchen. The kitchen is like an efficiently operating laboratory. Sorting waste bins are one of inevitable elements, which can be found in such kitchens.

Zabudowa kuchenna

Another, also important element of kitchen equipment is a water efficient faucet

Bateria kranowa w kuchni

as well as led illumination,  which make our kitchens look modernly and almost futuristcaly

The design of our kitchens in 2014 will be largely determined by their functionality and ecology. This is the trend which exists and is developing. The kitchen interiors become a reflection both of present human being needs as well as the world ones.

Minimalistyczna kuchnia - Trendy 2014


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