Kitchen inspirations – 5 solutions for your kitchen!

The kitchen is undoubtedly the heart of our home, irrespective whether it is a spacious room or merely a small annexe. Both when we regularly prepare exquisite meals and when we just want to heat up ready meals, we want the kitchen to be ergonomic, pleasant and intuitively furnished.

Even if we have a small kitchen, it’s worth paying attention to it and creating such a space so that cooking meals is not only a duty but also a great passion.

kolory do kuchni

I suggest to take a look at your own kitchen in five following stages:


Modern furniture systems sometimes provide surprising opportunities of space management. Comfortable wall cupboards meeting the needs of the owner is a principle of comfortable and functional kitchen. Optimally designed kitchen can use each available space.

Systemy prowadnic szuflad w kuchni

Well managed bottom cupboards make all the subjects available ‘within the reach of hand’. Modern rails pull out the content of the cupboard forwards – to be seen (drawers, cargos, metal baskets, movable shelves) and enable to access easily all the objects inside.

Kolor jagodowy w kuchni

Wall cupboards in the kitchen are particularly important both in terms of aesthetics and functionality. Available on the market various opening mechanisms allow to make a wide range of cupboards, with fronts lifted in various planes, depending on the cupboard location, designer’s recommendations and owner’s needs. Such cupboards become not only comfortable in use but also aesthetic and easy to maintain.



If we already have built cupboards and we only want to improve their functionality, it’s worth taking a look at accessories and elements of internal equipment available on the market. Blocks, absorbers, anti slipping mats, clips, inserts – these are only few examples of accessories which can help us to manage the cupboards spaces effectively.

Porządek w szufladzie w kuchni


STAGE 3 – Home appliances

Nowadays the kitchen is a pure laboratory. The number of devices, which can be used to prepare a meal, has increased significantly. Apart from cookers, ovens and refrigerators, it seems that microwaves, dishwashers, coffee machines, food processors, toasters and many others have appeared in our kitchens permanently. How to arrange our kitchen then, so that it does not look as a home appliances shop? It’s worth considering built-in appliances. It will allow us to concentrate on crucial parameters of devices such as for example, energy efficiency and it will not affect the aesthetic conception of the kitchen design. We need to foresee enough spaces in cupboards for so called ‘free’ devices, in order to eliminate the kitchen equipment being visible to minimum.

Żółta kuchnia

There are various compact devices available on the market which have far more functions than classic kitchen equipment. One can acquire ovens with an option of microwave and steam cooking. It’s worth taking advantage of such solutions in small premises where the limited space would force us to get rid of some equipment.



It’s an essential factor of comfortable work in the kitchen. It is necessary to take care of suitable selection and location of illumination over ( work surfaces, sink, cooker and table). Well designed illumination does not offend our eyes or results in explicit shadows where work is performed. Available on the market illumination allows not only to light up the kitchen correctly but also arrange it by emphasising some areas, objects or colours, for example.  

Oświetlenie podszawkowe w kuchni




In order that we can feel comfortable in one place, it’s recommended to select the colours which are closest to our nature. Not necessarily they must be up-to-date which are popular in a particular season. It’s better to look deep inside and think which colours we feel the most comfortable with.

Kolor czerwony w kuchni

Having such knowledge, try to make a colour composition (by virtue of principle of harmony and contrast) our interiors will be designed. It would be ideal if the number of colours was limited.

Kolor zielony w kuchni

There are also universal solutions which can be used in almost every kitchen. These are neutral colours (white, beige, grey brown and black). If we cannot decide which colour to apply, it’s worth designing the kitchen basing on the aforementioned tones, and introduce the colours within interiors by taking advantage of accessories or knick-knacks.

Kolor jaśminowy w kuchni


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