Living room decorations – the blue colour.

The blue colour is always associated with the blue of the sky and water. It is regarded as one of the most beautiful colours in nature. It has relaxing properties and brings to mind marvellous moments spent in the bosom of nature. Blue has plenty shades, beginning from light blue through to aquamarine and turquoise, ultramarine and indigo. They all are associated with space and light. No wonder, the blue colour seems to be almost an ideal colour for our living room. It allows us to feel relaxed and relived.

Not all shades of blue can match perfectly living rooms designed in a particular style. The sky blue is a neutral colour, suitable almost to all kinds of decoration styles as well as a combination with other colours like (brown, beige, green, grey). It brings into interiors a feeling of space and additional light.

Kolor lazurowy w salonie

It zooms out the surfaces optically and gives the impression of depth, thus it is ideal to be applied within small and low interiors.

Kolor błękitny w salonie

Turquoise and aquamarine are blue shades with a hint of green. When combined with other green shades they look beautifully within interiors, including natural plants. Such a colourful harmony introduces order, a feeling of balance and peace to interiors.  

Kolor turkusowy w salonie

These shades look also interestingly when combined with red and orange, or pink and yellow, as a result the interior becomes cheerful and modern. The contrast of these colours can stimulate and activate the space, which is essential for its dwellers.

Kolor niebieski w salonie

The turquoise colour makes the interior look cheerful and fresh. It is ideal when combined with all natural materials such as wood or plant fibres in natural form.

Indigo and ultramarine are vivid shades thanks to which the interior becomes elegant. These colours tend to like space within interiors therefore they are applied more commonly in living rooms and dining rooms where they are the most suitable.

Niebieski kolor ścian w sypialni

Grey shade of light blue, calming and a bit more serious, elegant, can also be suitable for elegant and fine interiors. Due to its cool temperature it’s worth combining it with warm colours within interiors, but equally delicate, like beige, brown or ecru.


Niebieski w jadalni

While looking for an ideal blue shade it’s worth observing the world and be inspired by nature. Mother nature suggests sometimes the most interesting solutions.

Niebieski kolor w salonie


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