Take care of your dream colours

Ideal bedroom? Mostly we associate it with peace, intimacy, rest and silence. It is only possible to gain a clear state of mind providing we take care of harmony within premises, where we want to rest. One of the most important elements of décor, influencing our physical and mental state, is a colour which we will use in our relaxing zone.

When selecting colours for our bedrooms we should take into consideration that aesthetic effect, which we want to accomplish, should be equal with colour selection, paying attention to its influence on our body. For example, too much dose of orange colour will deteriorate falling asleep and immaculately clean white room definitely won’t liven up a intimate relation between partners. Before we paint the walls of our bedroom, it’s good to weigh up our ‘colour decisions’ and plan proportions of particular colours. Thanks to it the design of our bedroom will become an adventure for us, comparable to making a real piece of art.

Colours which soothe senses

The space within our bedroom should most of all create an atmosphere of having relax and relief. This is the place where we come after an active day and recuperate. Properly selected colours of such interior should be ‘a balsam for our soul’, which soothe our senses and calm us down. In order to obtain such an effect, it’s worth applying colours of bright shades, allowing to create a pleasant and neutral interiors. They can be found in the collection of paints – Sniezka Satin, which give the walls a subtle light and distinctiveness. When embracing with a gentle colour - ‘ a romantic cruise’ we will lighten up the interior and it will become light and bright. This creamy colour will make the premises a warm and friendly place. Light and gentle colours will constitute a good combination with furniture of mahogany or cherry shade, as well as carpets in more intense of peach shades.

Well selected combination

For those who want to introduce in their bedroom a bit stronger elements it’s a good idea to combine bright colours. Strong, energetic colours such as ‘Dominative Red’ can easily dominate the interior. Thus, they should be used as supplements for more gentle colours. Red is ideal for premises used in the evening – illuminated by artificial light, makes a cosy and warm climate. Along with intensity of colours, there is also intensity of emotions – strongly intense red will definitely stimulate the atmosphere in the bedroom and make the evenings unforgettable moments. Red a desirable colour enhances physiological reactions of the body, which may result in a pinch of piquancy as far as spent time in bedroom is concerned.

Among colours and their shades you can also find those, which do not fit well to the arrangement of the bedroom. White is one of the colours that makes impression  of coolness and sterility. Due to its ‘cleanness’ it may develop a feeling of apathy and loneliness. In the event of bedroom, an interesting solution is using white on the ceiling or combining it with warmer colours such as yellow or orange, thanks to which white will contribute to soften a bit the character.

Colours stimulating emotions

Colours in the bedroom can also stimulate emotions and create a sensual atmosphere in the premises which will liven up an intimate relationship of every couple. For example, violet has properties like this – mysterious, noble and sensual and simultaneously calming down. Discrete and intimate climate can be obtained in our bedroom by using for example the paint Sniezka Satin – ‘Princess of the night’, whose light and bright shade will give the room a slightly romantic character. For those of introverted character, this colour dominating within interiors might turn out to be a bit stronger. It can be softened by light, gentle contrasts.

Selection of colours in the bedroom should be adjusted to the nature of interiors as well as our character. How we feel in particular surroundings is usually a matter of our personal preferences. Our good mental and physical state and a will to stay within this room means that the interior has been arranged well.  If we share our bedroom with our spouse, when selecting a colour of the premises we should take into consideration our common preferences. Thanks to combining our knowledge about influence of particular colours with our feelings, it will allow us to create a pleasant and functional space, where we will be able to relax freely and experience a lot of unforgettable moments…


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