Violet kitchen – from idea to realization.

Violet is a colour which can hardly ever be found in kitchen interiors. What a pity, since it introduces a unique and original atmosphere to interiors. Violet interiors are characterized by solemnity, beauty and mystery. This is an elegant and noble colour, associated with luxury. People who choose it from among all other colours, are those in favour of beauty and circumspection. That kind of atmosphere can be experienced in the kitchen where the dominant colour is a violet shade.

How to choose the best shade for us? The choice ought to depend on our preferences, final effect we want to obtain as well as interior features and the colour itself.

Fioletowa kuchnia

Violet is one of the most incredible colours from the colour palette which is a result of combination of two basic colours – hot red and cool blue. This surprising duo of the two colours of opposite temperature determines its peculiarity. Depending on used proportions between red and blue in a particular shade, violet colour of walls can either stimulate or relax, warm up or cool down. We must remember about it when selecting a particular shade.

Kolor do małej kuchni


Small interiors look better in brighter and pastel colours. They won’t overwhelm or surround us excessively. In smaller interiors it’s recommended to apply colder tones.

It’s advised to select for the kitchen violet colours which can be found in nature (grape colour, violets, aubergine or sunsets). Then, the kitchen can look naturally and be combined with materials such as wood, stone, sisal and linen. In the kitchen like this, we will also have a better appetite actively stimulated by such a vivid colour.

Fioletowy kolor farby do kuchni

Modern kitchens, designed in accordance with the latest trends, are not afraid of challenges and like contrasts, including vivid ones. Violet is ideal when combined with lacquered cupboard fronts as well as elements made of stainless steel and glass. They don’t like any competition, though. Nowadays, a combination of contrast colours is passé. If we choose violet, let it be a dominant colour within the interior and the remaining elements of interior decorations ought to be neutral and natural (white, black or grey) or also violet.

Kolor fioletowy i biały do kuchni

Applying the violet colour is also possible in stylish and traditional kitchens. The violet colour brings to mind Provencal kitchen, with a smell of lavender and rosemary. Here, the colour composition should be pastel, soft and the interior full of sunlight. Violet can be combined with white or ecru. Such a designed kitchen will also look great when combined with accessories made of warm shade green, contrasting softly with violet.

In the coming season the shades of violet will be extremely fashionable. The violet shades of walls ideally harmonize with romantic, cosy and lightly sickly climate of Provencal interiors.

Kuchnia w stylu prowansalskim

If we like violet colours but we are afraid of vivid colours of the walls, a perfect solution can be a combination of two violet shades: light with dark one. For example, we can paint the three walls of the interior by applying a soft and white lavender and on the fourth wall a shade of saturated plum.

Despite the fact that violet does not belong to so called ‘easy’ colours, it’s worth taking advantage of it and every effort made during the designing stage will pay off over a few years by pleasing the eye by the beauty of this elegant colour.


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