What colour to apply in our bedroom?

A colour in bedrooms plays a key role since it affects the mood within the room. The most crucial factor is our preferences, however, it’s worth bearing in mind a few important principles, which should be considered when selecting a colour to our bedroom, so as to avoid mistakes and obtain the desirable final effect of our work.

At the beginning we ought to take into consideration the size of the room. If the room is small, it is recommended to use light paints in order that the interior can gain breath and light. Dark colours may unnecessarily diminish the space optically and as a result it will look like overwhelming and stuffy.

Warm colours give impression of ‘come forward to meet the needs’, so they also diminish the interior. If we want to apply warm shades in a small room, it’s worth applying them upon one of the walls, for example, and the rest should be painted by light and neutral colours.

Kolor beżowy w sypialni

Cool colours can be used in rooms abundant in large amount of sunlight, with windows towards the south and the west. However, if we really want to apply light blue or green in our bedroom and daylight is poor, it’s recommended to design an electric illumination carefully. A number of light spots (bedside lamps, wall lamps, floor lamps and illuminated cornices) will contribute to the effect of light diffusion, which can influence positively on the atmosphere in the bedroom.

Wpływ oświetlenia na kolor w sypialni

Special bulbs in warm shades are available on the market. Their soft light can emphasize or change the shade in our bedroom, Thanks to these bulbs the atmosphere in the bedroom can be different in the evening (warmer, calming) and another at dawn (refreshing, stimulating),since the very same colour looks differently in the bulb light and daylight.

Barwy neutralne (szarości, biele, beże, brązy) w sypialni

Many people find it difficult to choose an appropriate colour for their bedrooms. They have no idea what they like and there are so many favourable colours that they seem to be confused. It’s worth considering neutral colours then (grey, white, beige and brown). The interior painted by these colours is a basis for changing accessories. Cushions, bedspreads, curtains, candles, knick-knacks are easy to replace depending on our mood, the season of the year or fashion.

Kolory do sypialni

However, when it comes to the bedroom it’s recommended to be driven by subjective ‘feeling’ of colours rather than the current fashion. It’s also easier to choose bed covering when the walls are painted by neutral colours and become a background. The bedroom designed this way is universal and can be satisfactory for us for a long period of time.

Kolory pastelowe w sypialni

If we have a big bedroom and we are willing to use vivid colours, we must remember to diversify elements of interior decorations. It’s recommended to use brighter furniture, bedspread and other accessories.

Kolor wrzosowy do sypialni

It’s worth bearing in mind that in the bedroom we ought to avoid stimulating and contrast colours as well as combination of large number of colours. When designing our own bedroom we need to be driven by our intuition and preferences so that the created place by us can become an oasis of rest and be enjoyable while spending time there.



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