What kind of paint colour would match the blue colour? Painting by using two paint colours.

The sky and water colour. A colour of depths and light becomes more frequent colour in our homes. When applied within interiors it brings space, harmony and silence. Its great value is also a fact that it allows to enlarge the interiors optically. However, sometimes we have doubts that the blue colour is a slightly cool colour. Not necessarily. If we combine it with other colours, it can create interesting colour compositions.

We can gain it by choosing colours lying on the opposite side of the colour wheel. For the blue colour there are orange, yellow and red shades.  
Such a colour combination can introduce an element of dynamics to the interior. The colours will be corresponding to each other and having a conversation. They will complement each other and emphasize. This kind of combinations will look better in sad and dull rooms where there is very little of daylight. The places where the need of positive energy is necessary, it is worth taking advantage of such a decorative operation.

Kontrastowe kolory do salonu

The more saturated colours, the more noticeable this colour dispute seems to be. If the colours are more subtle, then their mutual competition also looks softer and the interior calmer.  
In more gentle part, the effect of colour contrast can also be used in our bedroom. It will seem a lot more joyful and mornings in such interiors will influence our mood

Kolor turkusowy w sypialni


Sypialnia w kolorze niebieskim

It can be introduced to interiors by combining colours lying next to each other on the colour wheel. The blue colour is combined with green and violet shades, then. Such selected colours will harmonize with each other. It’s a gentle composition and thanks to it, the interior climate will be rather calming and relaxing.

Połączenie dwóch kolorów w pokoju dziennym

It’s recommended to introduce such compositions to studies, living rooms and other rooms where we are willing to relax and experience some relief. It can be ensured by selecting related colours.
Colour harmony can also be used in children’s rooms. It does not have to be necessarily associated with boredom. Some bright blue shades will be toned down but not stifled by accompanying colour.


Niebieski do pokoju dziecięcego

We can gain it within the room by combining the blue colour and neutral colours (white, grey, beige and brown). These kind of interiors will always be dominated by the blue colour and its character. It will be a prominent topic. This kind of composition is very safe. It can be used in most residential interiors. If the interior seems to be too cold, we can warm it up by using natural accessories. The blue colour is a perfect background for wooden, linen, wicker or sisal accessories.

Salon w kolorze niebieskim

Such neutral colour arrangements can be used widely. They look beautifully both within modern, minimalist and stylish interiors.

Salon stylizowany - kolorniebieski

This colour is often used in marine interiors, beach houses or summer houses. Therefore, it is inevitably associated with the sea, summer holidays and the sun.

Wnętrze marinistyczne w kolorze niebieskim

This blue to blue combination, which means playing with different shades of the same colour. This is a very safe solution – not going beyond set borders of one shade we can be certain that it won’t collide with anything, and the final effect will be extremely interesting.

Połączenie dwóch kolorów niebieskich na ścianie

Applying at least two shades of the same colour can also be suitable in unproportional interiors. Thanks to applying darker shades in alcoves, distant walls or too low ceilings we can improve perceptible proportions of the interior.

Dwa odcienie tego samego koloru na ścianie

Monochromatic interiors are often accessories in shades of the same colour. However, it’s very difficult to create such an interior in practice. It is usually time-consuming to adjust ideally the furniture upholsters, curtains and knick-knacks to the colour of walls. It’s worth doing it sometimes, though, since the final effect is outstanding.

Salon w kolorze niebieskim



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