What paint color to select for the living room?

Living room is the most representative place in the house. This interior color should not only look good but also create optimal conditions for rest and meetings.What colors to select ? Warm or cool? Intense or delicate? What tint?

There are many possibilities, but not every solution is just as good. A lot depends on your personal preferences and color characteristics of the interior. Only if you take into account both conditions the result will be smart and satisfactory.

Farby do pokoju dziennego

Color of interior affects our mood. While selecting  appropriate tone for you remember that:

Red stimulates  and adds energy. Used, however, on large surfaces it may  irritate. Therefore it is safer to introduce the red into your interior in the form of additives. Red looks noteworthy in combination with neutral color (gray, beige, white).  One wall painted red can look interesting in the living room  . It gives a homely atmosphere and a unique precious character to your interiors.

Czerwony kolor w pokoju dziennym

Yellow is particularly suitable for poorly lit and sad interior. This warm and positive color enhances  mood and appetite. However, you should be careful about application of this color  because used in excess  it may cause tiredness.

Zółty kolor farby w pokoju dziennym

Orange is an optimistic color  which adds energy and motivation for action. Inside the house it creates an atmosphere of positive attitude and tolerance.

Kolor pomarańczowy w salonie

Green is a symbol of hope and life. The company of green makes us  think about the nature. In addition, it relaxes and soothes senses. Green contributes positively to proper functioning of the nervous system, improves circulation and calms breath.

Zielony kolor w salonie

Blue is the color of cool color tone, but it is not true that you cannot create a cosy interior using it. Blue tones are associated with space, water and sky. They add space to the interior. What is more,  the combination of blue, wood and natural accents creates a precious, light connection. Blue relaxes, reduces blood pressure, has  a positive impact on our nervous system.

Niebieski kolor farby w pokoju dziennym

It is good to compose  intense blue colors with contrasting colors similar in a tone but warm.

Intensywnie niebieki kolor w pokoju dziennym

Purple adds  magic to an interior, stimulates our psyche, activates the creative actions as well as the artistic ones. Purple tint mitigates problems, brings peace and consent.

Fiolet w salonie

Earth colors (beige, gray, black) are colors that create a cosy atmosphere, encourage concentration, give the feeling of security. They are the most versatile in reception and easiest to use in an arrangement.

Brązy w salonie oraz meble z palet euro

White does not always have to be purely white. In its original form it  increases space to maximum but depending on light it may seem to be cool and sad. To take advantage of all virtues of white and eliminate possible defects, designers are increasingly looking for the off-whites . They increase  optically the interior, brighten it up and their frequently warm note make the interiors extremely cosy and friendly.

Beże w pokoju dziennym.

Before we start painting the walls, consider carefully what color to choose, as  the mood  inside your house will depend to a large extent on it.


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