How to prepare ourselves for painting walls?

So that the wall painting effect can enchant by professional performance, it’s worth paying attention to the three aspects. Before we commence our painting works it’s necessary to prepare the following:


The best option is to acquire an one-piece painting overall. It is available in building supermarkets as well as specialist stores. It can protect our clothes against dirt and provide a suitable work comfort.

Jak przygotować sie do malowania scian

It’s also important so that we wear appropriate footwear, enabling us to move freely on the ladder and a head protection preventing from possible contamination.


In order to paint the walls efficiently and precisely we need appropriate tools:

- rollers (2 pieces, a small and big one)

- flat brushes (3 pieces of various sizes and radiator brush)
- a painting tray

- painting tapes
- a drop cloth
- a ladder
- a driller or a tool to mix the paint carefully.

Mieszanie farby


Before commencing painting works it’s necessary to watch the wall surface carefully and carry out a ‘palm test’. If there are any signs of paint on our palm (pigments of old coatings) it means that it needs to be primed before paint application. If our palm does not bear any signs of paint, we can only clean the wall by using pure water with potash soft soap in order to remove possible contamination and greasy stains.   
All spots, where the old painting coating cracks, peels off or comes off, need to be cleaned and all loose elements removed. 

Szpachlowanie rys na ścianie

Cracks, defects and mechanical damages must be fixed by filling them with putties and after drying sand them using special paper. This job is often connected with relevant experience and precision. Various kinds of plasters require different repairing methods. The situation changes in the event of very popular nowadays gypsum plasters, where spot repair is simple and unnoticeable after the operation.

In case of mineral plasters of porous texture, spot repairs are often noticeable and require applying the putty upon the whole surface of the wall in order to hide the defect.

Szpachlowanie ściany

When the walls are correctly prepared to be painted, we can begin to protect the elements we won’t be painting. It’s necessary to tape the skirting boards, doors, windows, remove lamps and electric sockets, protect all the elements which for some reason must stay within the interiors.

Zabezpieczenie gniazdka przy malowaniuMalowanie ściany obok gniazdka elektrycznego

Before we begin painting, it’s worth remembering to check the temperature inside of the room. Information on optimal conditions can be found on the paint container. It’s really important to check it since inappropriate e.g. too high temperature in the painted room may destroy the final result of our work.

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